Write for Us (Guest Blog)

Opening the doors of eSocMedia to writers all over the world, we are excited to open guest blogging and add some diversity to our blog styles!

Who can blog for eSocMedia?

  • Social media expert with nice writing skills and immense knowledge.
  • Marketing guru with real-world examples and case studies.
  • Influencer marketer or an influencer who can woo our audience.
  • SEO specialist who can turn the graphs upside down (for good.)

Who cannot blog for eSocMedia?

  • Any passers-by who are only here for link building and not willing to provide any quality content.

What are the criteria to get the blog published?

  • Blogs should pertain to topics like social media marketing, website marketing, and influencer marketing. Have a look at our categories to know more about the topics.
  • Content length has to be more than 1000 words.
  • All images and quotes should be properly attributed.
  • Well researched articles with correct statistics and relevant examples.
  • Keyword density between 2-5%. Please calculate your keyword density before submitting the article.

What blogs will not be published?

  • Blogs that have been published elsewhere.
  • Low-quality content or plagiarised content.
  • Blogs with common information, repeated content, and meaningless information.
  • No promotional blogs. Any article showing bias towards specific products or contain any promotional content will not be entertained. If you wish to promote any product, send us an email at [email protected] Do not submit promotional content here.

Article approval and posting:

If your blog accommodates all the rules mentioned above, I will get back to you with the scheduled publishing date of your blog within 48 hours.

If you seem you’re a perfect fit, go ahead and fill your form here: