18 SEO Competitor Analysis Tools to effectively Track Competitor’s SEO

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

Those involved in improving their on-page and off-page SEO, often look for SEO competitor analysis tools. Aren’t our competitors the best people to learn from after all?

When it comes to SEO or ranking on Google, losing your keyword position to your competitor can even blow your traffic and lose your potential customers.

To give you a demonstration of how organic click-through-rate falls (CTR) with the declining position of Google rank on the first page, look at this:

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

The smallest decrease in your Google rankings can make such big differences. And when the difference is monumental, your preventive measures should be impactful too.

This list below will help you fight your competitors and bid effectively for every keyword.

So, let’s quickly look at the 20 SEO competitor analysis tools to track your competitor’s SEO effectively:

  1. SEMrush

Competitor’s SEO traffic, backlinks, PLA analysis.

Pricing: Starts from $99.95/month

SEMrush is one of the best SEO competitor analysis tools. It gives you complete information on your competitor’s site, making you feel like you tapped into their analytics dashboard.

You can access your competitor’s advertising budget and ad copies to their keyword positioning and rank with SEMrush.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

SEMrush gives you the following information about your competitor’s SEO:

  • Traffic, traffic cost, and paid search positions of your advertisers. You can track the CPC, position, traffic %, and cost % of their paid ads.
  • You can analyze the common paid keywords from all your competitors and competition level. This helps you understand your toughest competitors and where they are ahead.
  • See all the ad copies of the competitors and filter by desktop and mobile.
  • Get detailed insights into the competitor’s product-listing ads and their best-performing PLA’s.
  • Compare PLA rankings of different competitors.
  • Create competitive analysis charts in a few clicks.
  • See competitor’s best keywords and find your organic competitors.
  1. SE Ranking

Competitor’s keywords and ads

Pricing: Starts from $7/month

SE Ranking is a cloud SEO software tool that offers complete website audit, backlink monitoring, and competitor research. Along with SEO, they also offer marketing plans and social media tools.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

SE Ranking can help you with the following elements of SEO competitor tracking:

  • Discover your paid and organic competitors. See the exact keywords they rank for and segment the data by periods.
  • Type in any query and get a full list of keywords for that query.
  • Get the most popular and effective ads for any search term or keyword.
  1. SpyFu:

Competitor’s SEO and PPC traffic and AdWords details

Pricing: Starts from $33/month

SpyFu is a keyword spy tool to determine your competitor’s AdWords performance and backlink analysis. It’s a valuable SEO competitor analysis tool, especially with its free version loaded with information.

3 Best Competitor Analysis tools to unmask your competitors’ online marketing strategies!

With SpyFu, you can access the following information about your competitor’s SEO:

  • Get an estimate of the monthly SEO and PPC clicks of your competitors.
  • Learn the AdWords history of your competitors and the ads they are bidding on.
  • Learn which websites give backlinks to your competitor’s website.
  • Research your competitor’ SEO keywords and track your own keyword rankings.
  1. Serpstat

Competitor’s SEO organic and PPC statistics and keywords, advertising strategies

Pricing: Starts from $19/month

Serpstat is another complete SEO analysis tool with extremely useful SEO competitor analysis. Letting you dive deep into your rival’s domain, Serpstat offers competitor traffic, advertising, and content marketing strategies.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

Serpstat’s SEO competitor analysis will let you track the following elements of your competitor’s SEO:

  • Get profitable keywords that your competitors are using in their PPC campaigns.
  • Check the relevance of your domains compared to your competitors.
  • Find your direct organic competitors and analyze your position on a competitor’s graph.
  • Find the top 100 keywords your competitors are ranking for.
  • Learn about your competitors’ advertising strategies, budgets, and ad copies.
  • Domain vs. domain comparison tool to analyze different competitors to your site in depth.
  1. SimilarWeb

Competitor’s SEO traffic and audience statistics.

Pricing: Free and custom plans.

SimilarWeb is one of the favorite tools for SEO competitor analysis. It offers basic traffic and referring domains for any URL and helps you learn their performance.

3 Best Competitor Analysis tools to unmask your competitors’ online marketing strategies!

With SimilarWeb you can track the following aspects of competitor’s SEO:

  • Get an overview of competitor’s traffic share and their audience behavior on the website.
  • Learn the top geographies that contribute to a website’s traffic.
  • Get the search traffic, social traffic distribution for any website. All see the top organic search terms.
  • Get the referring domains for any website.
  1. Ispionage

Competitor’s SEO traffic and PPC keywords

Pricing: Starts from $29/month

Ispionage is another recognized competitor SEO analysis tool that’s widely used by marketers. Ispionage focuses mostly on competitor’s PPC ad analysis and site traffic.

3 Best Competitor Analysis tools to unmask your competitors’ online marketing strategies!

Ispionage helps you with the following elements of competitor SEO analysis:

  • Get an estimate of your competitor’s SEO traffic value and value of their top keywords.
  • Learn the competitor’s PPC keywords, ad positions, and monthly clicks.
  • Get competitor alerts and export competitor data.
  1. WooRank

Competitor’s SEO traffic, backlinks, and keywords

Pricing: Starts $59.99/month

Get SEO information on any site with WooRank for free. Their freemium tool checker will help you in learning the basic SEO structure of any site. Analyze multiple sites with their competitor checker to see where you stand.

WooRank helps you in determining the following aspects of SEO competitor analysis:

  • Get competitor’s website’s traffic rank, traffic sources, and traffic geography.
  • Learn usability and technologies behind any website.
  • Find out backlinks for the site and the social media statistics.
  • Get the keyword cloud and keyword consistency to learn competitor’s keyword distribution.
  • Learn which keywords are working for your competitors and how you can improve.
  1. Moz Pro

Competitor’s SEO backlinks and keywords

Pricing: Starts from $99/month

With Moz Pro’s link explorer and rank tracking, you can figure out where your competitor is ahead of you in backlinks and serps. With backlinks and rank tracking being the most important aspects of SEO competitor analysis, this tool can be very helpful.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

MozPro offers the following features to uncover your competitor’s SEO strategies:

  • Learn the sites linking to your competitor’s site and their domain authority and link type.
  • Check new and lost backlinks of your competitors.
  • See the keywords that are helping your competitors rank and outperform them.
  1. Ahrefs

Competitor’s SEO traffic statistics, PPC data, links, and viral content.

Pricing: Starts from $99/month

If you’re willing to spend an amount monthly starting $99, then Ahrefs is a complete SEO competitor analysis tool for you.

Ahrefs provides similar capabilities and features like Semrush to drill your competitor performance.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

With Ahrefs, you can learn the following about your competitor SEO:

  • Find your competitor’s most shared content. See what’s making your competitor popular and how can you compete.
  • Get a list of your competitor’s PPC keywords and track their ad positions and results.
  • Get a list of your top competitors.
  • Learn how your competitor is building links and the top referring sites.
  • Get the traffic statistics and the top organic search results of the competitors
  1. Alexa

Competitor’s SEO keyword matrix, traffic analysis, and influencers

Pricing: Starts from $99/month

I would be little shocked if you have never come across Alexa while trying to grow your website. Because Alexa ranking is literally one sure shot way to know how a website is performing. However, beyond their site statistics, they have many more features that qualify them as an excellent competitor analysis tool.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

With Alexa’s SEO competitor analysis, you get the following information about your competitor:

  • Find sites with similar audiences as yours and create a competitor keyword matrix.
  • Get website traffic statistics for other sites and create site comparison charts.
  • Compare up to 10 websites in their website analysis tools. Know what marketing channels are working for your competitors.
  • Find influencers and referrers of your competitors to find sites you can partner with too.
  1. BuiltWith

Competitor’s technology tools and widgets.

Pricing: Free plan. The paid plan starts from $295.

BuiltWith is a technology look-up site to know all the tools, plugins, CMS extensions, server, etc. any site is using. You can even learn the advertising sites they are signed up with or their email configuration.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

With BuiltWith, you can learn the following information of any competitor site:

  • Competitor’s web server, CMS, name server, CDN, and SSL certificates.
  • Learn about their advertising partners, audio/video media, and website frameworks.
  • Know the widgets, payment methods, and email hosting providers.
  1. Owletter

Competitor’s email analytics and email newsletters

Pricing: Starts from $19/month

With email marketing still capturing a major element of a company’s marketing plan, Owletter is a unique tool for its offering. It offers a way to learn all the emails sent from any website to their mailing list.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

With Owletter, you get a sneak peak in your competitor SEO analysis with:

  • Get instant notification when a monitored website sends an email containing any keyword you would like to track.
  • Know competitor email analytics and see which competitor emails are performing better. This is important as you can compare emails and take some lessons from the performing analytics.
  1. RankWatch

Competitor’s SEO ad copies, keyword comparison, and organic ranking

Pricing: Starts from $29/month

RankWatch is also an established SEO management tool with a high focus on SEO competitor analysis. They have a free website analyzer tool to analyze the SEO and traffic data for any website.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

Along with multiple SEO capabilities, RankWatch can help you understand the following about your competitor SEO effort:

  • See the keywords your toughest competitors are ranking for.
  • Get organic and paid competitors and their analytics report.
  • Find ad copies of competitors and keyword comparison.
  1. WebCeo

Competitor’s backlinks, local ranking, and site performance

Pricing: Starts from $99/month

Just like a lot of tools mentioned above, WebCeo is also an SEO platform to analyze your site SEO. They offer many ways to track competitor’s SEO and generate ranking reports for almost 20 competitors.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

With WebCeo you get a detailed competitor’s SEO analysis highlighting the following:

  • Get the off-page optimization of the competitor with their backlink reports.
  • Learn how your competitors’ rank on local search engines or any other search engine.
  • Have reports of 20 competitors’ ranking on your dashboard.
  • Compare your site’s performance to competitors’ and measure against informative widgets.
  1. Monitor Backlinks

Competitor’s SEO with monitoring every backlink they get.

Pricing: Starts from $47.41/month

Monitor Backlinks is one of the best tools out there to get alerted with every backlink your competitor gets. Monitor backlinks give you an alert email for every backlink your site or your competitor site gets. Their pricing is based on the number of domains you want to manage and receive in-depth backlink reports.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

  1. SEOprofiler

Competitor’s SEO with keyword, backlink, and traffic intelligence.

Pricing: $69.95/month. (Offer price: $1/month)

SEOprofiler is a sophisticated SEO tool with an easy-to-use interface and detailed analytics. It offers various SEO competitor analysis tools to benchmark your competitors against your site.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

With SEOprofiler, you can expect the following the competitor SEO analytics data and report:

  • Check how your competitors are ranked for keywords compared to your ranking.
  • Track your local competitors who don’t even own a website with their ranking monitor.
  • Get competitive backlink intelligence tool to track your competitor’s backlinks.
  • Also get access to competitor’s Google ads and keywords intelligence tools.
  1. SEOquake

Competitor’s SEO real-time analysis with the Chrome extension

Pricing: Free

SEOquake is a simple yet powerful Chrome extension by SEMrush to quickly learn about any site while you’re browsing the internet. It saves you the time on going to different sites to learn about a website.

It’s also a useful SEO competitor analysis tool as it helps you learn how your competitor site statistics are growing.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

With SEOquake, you can learn the following information:

  • Real-time SEO audit and SEO health report.
  • Compare domains and URLs in real-time.
  • Examine backlinks and social media links on any given web page at any given time.
  1. MozBar

Competitor’s SEO real-time SEO analysis with the Chrome extension

Pricing: Free

Just like SEOquake, MozBar is another free Chrome extension by Moz to learn real-time SEO information on any competitor.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

MozBar is an effective SEO competitor analysis tool as it provides you with the following information:

  • Gives you access to page authority, authority score of any website.
  • It lets your export SERP analysis to CSV.
  • Find and highlight keywords while you’re browsing the internet.

Bonus tool: Linkio

Linkio is an automated tool to help you in your link building campaigns.

Pricing: $19.99 per month.

To maintain a good anchor text ratio through your content and especially on other website whilst doing link building campaign you’ll need an automated tool such as Linkio. It’s a SEO tool that helps in monitoring the backlinks and optimizing the anchor texts for maximum benefits and staying neutral while getting before the competitors. Keeping a quality backlink profile with diversified anchor texts can be sometimes very difficult and you should always use a tool made especially for that purpose.


Concluding my list of 18 SEO competitor analysis tools, I am quite certain I have listed the best and most efficient tools out there in this list. Just like all my other articles, it’s my initiative to help you pick the most useful tool for yourself and your marketing needs.

You can also find and compare a lot many online marketing and social media tools at eSocMedia marketplace.

With this, I hope you find your perfect tool to find your competitor’s SEO and kill them with their own strategies. Just don’t get obsessive about it but try and manage your website smartly.

I look forward to hearing your comments and queries in the comments below!

Harshita Agrawal

I started as a Freelancer with small projects only to learn that I was capable of so much more. I underestimated myself for long till my clients enjoyed my work as much as I did. Now, I want to share some of the proven tips & tricks of the online marketing world that helped me grow. I hope they help you too.

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