Commendable Tips To Build An Awesome eCommerce Store With Shopify

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In this digital world, every online vendor is looking for the best e-commerce store as online presence has become the demand of online business. The idea of creating an outstanding eCommerce store can be a daunting task. But, proper planning for eCommerce website development can solve this issue. In order to run a successful eCommerce website design, every business owner should use the best marketing platform.

Shopify is the perfect platform for selling products online. Shopify eCommerce website increases the conversion rate and reduces the churn rate towards your eCommerce store.

While creating an eCommerce store, every business owner should think from a user’s point of view. Online users don’t want to spend more time on an e-commerce website. They only scroll the website if they find your Shopify website relevant then they only stay otherwise they leave it immediately.

Here, we are describing some important points for eCommerce website development to create user-friendly eCommerce store:

Finding a product to sell

create ecommerce store with Shopify

The first steps to build an eCommerce store is to know the exact products which you want to sell. This is the most challenging steps while starting an online business.

If you use Shopify, you can check out Oberlo and check out the products that you can sell. You need to explore the ideas of your business while starting any business. If you have any idea in your mind then you need to know how will you use this idea for eCommerce website design. This will help you to find many users and convert them easily into loyal customers.

Fast Loading Time

Speed matters when it comes to eCommerce websites. Faster websites improve e-commerce conversions and increase user engagement. Website speed is the prime point of your website’s success. It is the crucial element which you need to follow while creating a seamless Shopify store. As there are thousands of eCommerce stores available which are providing same service. Thus, people spend only 2-3 seconds on an e-commerce website. If your Shopify eCommerce website is taking much time to load then they immediately leave it.

By using GTmetrix, you can test your sites performance and speed. You can use compressed image technique for enhancing website speed. You should check your hosting provider as well.

User Generated Content

Undoubtly, ecommerce marketing depends on the word of mouth. Online customers are strongly influenced by the review of those users who have already purchased any item from your Shopify store. Seeing customer ratings, reviews, and testimonials will trigger a visitor to make a purchase.

User-generated content will also render your Shopify website with a great addition to your SEO efforts. For this, you should provide the proper space to send reviews on your website. You may use Shopify tools to help convert visitors into loyal customers by using your existing customers as a strong marketing technique.


Branding is another major aspects for getting success in your e-commerce market. Your eCommerce website design should be clearly visible to the users and it means your brand logo should be in different colors. While creating an eCommerce store, you should ensure that your branding logo should not matched with other sites. If it matches, then you need to change it immediately, otherwise you may lose your potential customers.

Free Shipping

Customers attract more towards that Shopify eCommerce website

which renders free shipping. It is the major turn-offs for customers who shop online. By rendering some awesome deal, you can intensify your conversion rate and can reduce the abandoned cart reason. This promotion should be clearly visible to the customers, it will help remind the customers about your online store.

Add to Cart Option

To create a seamless user-friendly eCommerce store, you should include “add to cart" option in your eCommerce store. Most of the time, users come to your eCommerce store and search for any product but they do not buy anything. But, if they like your products then they definitely add it to cart.

Whenever they get time, they will surely buy it. Thus, add to cart option increases interest of the user towards your eCommerce store.

Easy-to-Return Policy

In an online marketing, the user does not touch the product physically. They only see it and if they like it they buy it. Since it is difficult to be 100% sure you will be satisfied with a product you purchase over the web, you want to have a good understanding of the return policies for an e-shop. Do not confuse the customers for returning any product.

You should place a return option on the footer of your site so that customers can refer to it from any page. This option will give the satisfaction to the user before buying any product and will create trust towards your brand.

Provide All Necessary Details

To earn trust of the users, you should provide all the necessary details about your brand. And, be sure, all the information is provided by you, (should be) correct and relevant. You should render all the important details to your online customers precisely. And, customers should have right to know all the required information about the required products. You must attach a tag to provide all the required information of any product. It will help you build a good relationship towards your online business.


eCommerce website development provides complete authority over the user’s experience. By using above points, Shopify store owner can create their own online store as per their terms.

With the above strategies, online business owners can get more popularity on their Shopify store and become more aware of how customers perceive eCommerce store products and apply that knowledge to create their shop.

This article is a guest post written by David Meyer who is an experienced web developer at CSSChopper

David Meyer

David Meyer is an experienced web developer at CSSChopper, who holds profound knowledge of eCommerce web development. He possesses vast years of expertise in eCommerce website designing and development. He is also passionate about writing informational blogs on his field of expertise. All his write-ups are innovative and well-researched.

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