5 Practical Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic For Free!

increase website traffic free tips

Increasing traffic to the website is one of the primary goals of any business that wants to improve its online presence. Even then, most of the businesses lack a proper plan to get more visitors to their website.So, in today’s post, we’re going to go through crucial steps that you must add to your plan and increase your website traffic:

Step 1. Audit your website:

Use SEO tools to check how your website is performing right now. If you are spending a lot of time marketing/advertising your website but it has a slow loading time or it is not mobile-friendly, then you are wasting your time & money.

improve website traffic

Source: Google, Kissmetrics

There are many free tools available to do SEO audit for your website. Following are few free tools that are easy to use:

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. Mobile-friendly Test by Google
  3. Website Grader by Hubspot
  4. SEO site checkup
  5. Semrush

Once you finish auditing your site, you should fix any issues if there and then go forward with other steps.

Step 2. Analyze your competitors’ website:

Analyze websites of your competitors and top players in your niche and see what’s working for them.

Check if they have similarity in what they are offering in terms of:

  • What are the free gifts/tools/guides offered by them?
  • How are they asking customers to subscribe to them?
  • What are the products/topics that are highlighted most often?
  • Read Testimonials, Reviews, FAQ page
  • What are advertisements displayed on their website?
  • Is there anything unique that’s attracting visitors to their website?

After a thorough analysis, you will be able to note down some similarities. And these similarities are your clue to what are successful strategies that are working in your niche. Align these strategies to your company’s product/service offerings.

You should also check the keywords that your competitors are targeting by using Google Adwords Keyword Planner or Semrush.

Step 3. Powerful Blogging:

If you haven’t started blogging, you must take out the time or hire freelancers to blog for you. Why? 

increase website traffic

Source: TechClient

If you are blogging already, but it is not generating massive traffic to your website, you need to do the following:

  • Recheck your content. If it’s not providing value then you need to work on it first. Add photos, facts, infographics, videos, and links to authoritative sites to improve your blog and add credibility.
  • Add your social media icons on the top of every blog.
  • Link your blogs internally.
  • Find relevant forums, communities in your niche that will help you promote your website or reach your target market.
  • Ensure your keywords have the optimal density for maximum impact. If you’re using WordPress, then install Yoast plugin to check your blog’s SEO.
  • Invite people to Guest Blog on your website.

Step 4. Get ranked on YouTube, App Store, Amazon, Facebook search, Google maps:

You are here because you have figured out by now that getting ranked on Google takes a hell lot of effort. It’s not an easy journey. But, you can make it fruitful by making use of other places where people are searching all the time and competition is not as hard as Google. Can you think of such sites?

If you have an app, try to rank higher in App Store, if you have interesting and informative videos, why don’t you try and rank on YouTube? Make wise use of your store location by putting yourself on Google Maps and getting some good rating there. Google maps results come above website links and this can be a great advantage for you if you have a physical address.

improve website traffic

Image via Google

5. Online & Social Advertising:

Are you hesitant to promote yourself? You must not spam every possible marketing platform but you should promote your website well.

        You can increase your website traffic by doing the following:

  • Decide your online marketing objective. What’s your primary goal? Is it to increase engagement, increase sales, enhance customer support, or something else?
  • Decide your advertising budget. 
  • Find most important social media platforms for your business and create your business profile on them. Add the link to your website in the bios of all the social profiles.
  • You can make Facebook ads that are especially promoted to increase traffic to your website. To learn more on Facebook Advertising, click here.
  • Check virality of your posts on all platforms and spend more time, effort, & money to target your customers on those social platforms.

If you strategically follow these steps for your website, you will be able to increase your website traffic and engage them longer on your page! So, get set go and let us know how these steps worked for you by commenting below.

Harshita Agrawal

I started as a Freelancer with small projects only to learn that I was capable of so much more. I underestimated myself for long till my clients enjoyed my work as much as I did. Now, I want to share some of the proven tips & tricks of the online marketing world that helped me grow. I hope they help you too.

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