Find New Twitter Followers and Remove Unfollowers with Circleboom!

Twitter followers and unfollowers tracking with Circleboom

The time required to find new Twitter followers and monitor Twitter unfollowers is too much to invest? I agree. No matter how important social media marketing is, we all have limited hours to channelize our efforts.

Tracking Twitter unfollowers and growing your followers is a constant process. Especially, when you know Twitter is filled with bots and automations, you have to work on keeping your Twitter profile clean. 

If you follow my blogs, you know that I’m always looking for new Twitter tools and apps that make managing Twitter simple. And this time, I stumbled upon a fantastic freemium tool to effortlessly manage Twitter account, Circleboom.

What makes Circleboom a complete Twitter management tool?

  1. Grows your Twitter followers logically and ethically:

I mentioned “ethically” on purpose because Circleboom is no place to buy Twitter followers. It’s a legit tool that works within Twitter policies and helps you boost your Twitter follower list.

One of the most basic Twitter etiquettes is that if you follow Twitter accounts, and if they like your account, they follow you back. This is what you have to leverage to grow your Twitter account.

How can you grow your Twitter followers with Circleboom?

  • Find and follow Twitter followers of influencers and friends in your niche:

Are there some amazing Twitter profiles in your niche that you enjoy? With Circleboom you can get the follower list of any Twitter account.

Twitter followers and unfollowers tracking with Circleboom

Some amazing things that Circleboom makes sure of while showing your Twitter follower prospects are:

  • You only see verified Twitter accounts and don’t spend a second following spam/fake Twitter accounts.
  • It removes your existing Twitter followers from the list.
  • It also removes Twitter accounts that you unfollowed in recent times.
  • You can add followers to your Twitter list or Whitelist list from here itself.

Simple and easy. Now you can just look at the tweet ratio, and follower/following ratio to follow Twitter accounts.

  • Use Circleboom Smart Search to find new Twitter Followers by keywords and trending topics:

Just like finding followers from a Twitter account, you can also look for followers by searching a keyword. Circleboom allows you to add filters to make sure you have a targeted keyword research.

There’s another feature that helps you to know trending tweets and topics. Follow those accounts that are trending to improve the quality of your Twitter followers.

You can sort by follower numbers, tweets, and location.

Twitter followers and unfollowers tracking with Circleboom

Keep a note of Twitter’s following rules before following a huge chunk of Twitter profiles.

  1. Removes Twitter unfollowers, fake accounts, and eggheads!

Wondering who unfollowed you on Twitter?

Circleboom is one of the best Twitter unfollower tools I have come across because they give you a variety of Twitter accounts you might want to unfollow. For example:

  • Unfollow Twitter accounts not following you back
  • Unfollow Twitter accounts that are fake, spam, or inactive.
  • Unfollow Twitter accounts that tweet too much and clutters your Twitter feed.
  • Mass unfollow all your Twitter followers. (Be aware of Twitter policies before you unfollow all)

Here’s a screenshot of inactive accounts according to Circleboom.

Twitter followers and unfollowers tracking with Circleboom

As you can see, it automatically removes Twitter followers that you have whitelisted. If you want to unfollow Twitter accounts that are whitelisted by you, you can do that too.

If you want to track Twitter unfollowers from your smartphone, Circleboom has a mobile-friendly interface to help you do just that.

Twitter followers and unfollowers tracking with Circleboom

In all and all, finding Twitter unfollowers and unfollowing them is hardly a minute job if you use the right tool.

  1. Smart scheduling to plan your Tweets way ahead!

One of the biggest problems I used to face while finding free social media management tool was the limit on the number of posts you can schedule.

I never had to post more than 3-4 posts each day on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. But Twitter? I want to schedule as many as 10 posts per day on my Twitter account. This really made me ineligible for a lot of free social media tools.

Circleboom really sorted out this problem for me. Now, I schedule my tweets from Circleboom and other social media posts from another free tool. Damn easy, no?

With Circleboom smart Twitter scheduling, you can:

  • Add RSS feeds that will fetch your post and post on Twitter.
  • Schedule Tweets with images and videos. One thing to note is that you cannot bulk schedule tweets from Circleboom as of now.

Twitter followers and unfollowers tracking with Circleboom

  1. Access to advanced Twitter analytics:

Circelboom’s paid feature gives you access to your Twitter analytics. With their smart analytics, you can track your follower statistics, tweet statistics, and friend statistics.

So, I have certainly shown you how Circleboom is a complete Twitter management tool to manage your Twitter profile and track Twitter followers and unfollowers.Twitter followers and unfollowers tracking with Circleboom

However, why am I so confident that it’s also one of the best Twitter tools?

  1. Interface:

They surely have the easiest and simple interface for a Twitter tool. I have come across a lot of Twitter tools that are cluttered and lack in functionality, but Circleboom has a great interface with complete functionality.

track twitter followers and unfollowers

  1. Pricing:

Most of the Circleboom features are present in their free plan making it a reflex choice.

But, if you wonder how well priced the tool is, here’s a price comparison with another known Twitter management tool, Manage Flitter.

Twitter followers and unfollowers tracking with Circleboom

Circleboom Pricing


Twitter followers and unfollowers tracking with Circleboom

ManageFlitter Pricing

You can also compare with other Twitter tools that you have come across and see for yourself if I am right. Take the free plan of Circleboom and see what they are offering!

Wrapping it up!

So, what are you still thinking? Don’t you have a lot of new Twitter followers to track and unfollowers to delete?

 Let us know in the comments your experience with the tool.

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Disclosure: This post has been created in collaboration with Circleboom.

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