5 Twitter Analytics Free tools: Track Tweets, Followers, Hashtags for business!

free twitter analytics tools

You’re missing the freedom of easy decision making if you are not tracking your Twitter Analytics. You can easily monitor your followers, hashtags, social influencers, and how your tweets are performing. And, it’s possible for free. Free of cost and time. This analytics can help you build valuable relationships, let go of unnecessary efforts, increase your followers & retweets by making intelligent choices.

Here are five genuinely easy-to-use and free tools that will help you track your Twitter profile efficiently.

1)Twitter Analytics:

Twitter analytics tools free

Twitter’s built-in analytics is a clean and simple platform to analyze the following:

Twitter analytics tools free

1. Tweets: Track Impressions, Engagements, Engagement rate of every Tweet and see your top performing Tweets. Check your average Tweet likes, retweets, replies, and link clicks.
2. Audiences: Summary of how your followers are growing and you can also compare them to all Twitter users to get a better idea of their demographics, interests, income, buying behavior.
3. Events: Browse events and recurring trends on Twitter. This intriguing section will give you insights on holidays, events, sports and what kind of audience these events are reaching. You will also know which trends are picking up in which countries so you can use the right hashtags.
4. More: You can add tracking code to your website and track conversion from Twitter. You can also promote your mobile apps and track conversion for them.
In all, it has all basic abilities to give you a good overview of your Twitter profile.

2) Twitonomy 

Twitter analytics tools freeTwitonomy’s free account gives excellent features that you can use to track your Twitter Analytics.
Below are some features of Twitonomy:

1. Get tweets on your dashboard from your favorite users and lists, or from anyone by adding hashtags and keywords.

Twitter analytics tools free

2. You can monitor tweet analytics, most retweeted users, most replied to users, most mentioned users, most used hashtags, most retweeted tweets, followers, following, favorites of any Twitter profile. This can be extremely useful to analyze your competitors’ profile and see how they are using Twitter.
3. You can access your Followers and Following and get their Tweets, Followers, Following at one place. You can also follow and unfollow anyone from Twitonomy easily.

Twitter analytics tools free

Image via Twitonomy

4. You can Follow, get insights on and manage members of your lists.

To summarize, Twitonomy is helpful in analyzing your competitors’ profile, following/unfollowing people from your profile, and keeping an eye on keywords/users you want to follow. If you upgrade to their paid plan, you can also check top hashtags, number of users and reach of that hashtag, most influential and engaging users on that hashtag, & top tweets in that hashtag

3) Social Bearing

Twitter analytics tools freeAnother free tool to get insights on your Twitter account, Social bearing also gives you sentiment analysis, Twitter analytics for your accounts/handles, and geolocated tweets for keywords/hashtags.
You can use Social Bearing to analyze the following:

1. Check your home feed, mentions, retweets, sentiment analysis & hashtag cloud for your tweets.

Twitter analytics tools free

Image via Social Bearing

2. View, sort, and filter followers/following by TUQI rating, tweets, followers, lists. Also, get a summary of your followers/following.

Twitter analytics tools free

Image via Social Bearing

3. You can also track any public Twitter profile, website, keywords, and hashtag in Social bearing and get a complete analysis.

Twitter analytics tools free

Image via Social Bearing

4. Find geolocated tweets for keyword/hashtag.

Twitter analytics tools free

Image via Social Bearing

In all, it’s a great tool to analyze how your audience is reacting to your tweets, how are people reacting to your competitor’s tweets, monitor hashtags, keywords, and followers, and get a geographic analysis of keywords/hashtags.

4) Twitter reach

A clean tool to get the estimated reach, exposure, activity, top contributors, and most retweeted tweets for any hashtag, account, or keyword. This tool can help you get a good idea of who is competing in the same space and you can monitor most retweeted tweets and create your tweets based on your analysis.

Twitter analytics tools free

Image via Twitter Reach

5) SocialRank

Twitter analytics tools freeTrack your Followers and Following with SocialRank. You can apply filters by keyword, hashtags, location, followers, activity, company, etc. You can also sort them by most valuable or most engaged and download lists.

Twitter analytics tools free

Image via Social Rank

These free and easy tools are good to go if you are starting your new business or setting up your business online, and you don’t want to spend money on tools right away without understanding their importance. You can start with these and based on your requirement, upgrade if required.
So, let us know if you are already using some Twitter Analytics tool or if you have tried any of these tools.

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