4 Tweet Downloader Tools and Apps: Download Tweets from Twitter!

Downloading videos from Twitter is a common practice with many tools available to download Twitter videos. But, when it comes to downloading tweets, there’s a big scarcity of tweet downloader tools available.

You go on the App store and look for tweet downloader tools – Nada! There’s no app even close to our requirement of downloading tweets.

However, there are a few sites that make it possible for you to download tweets. Let’s look at them one-by-one and see how they can be used step-by-step.

  1. Twitter:

If you wish to download your own tweets, then you don’t need external tweet downloader tool. Twitter is sufficient to get your Twitter data. Here’s how to retrieve your tweets via Twitter.

  • Login to your Twitter. Click on your logo on the right and select “Settings and privacy.”

tweet downlaoder toos apps sites

  • You’re directed to your account settings. Scroll down the menu on the left and select “Your Twitter data.” Confirm password again to view your Twitter data.

tweet downlaoder toos apps sites

  • Once you’re on your Twitter data page, scroll down to the end of this page and you will see an option “Download your Twitter data”

tweet downlaoder toos apps sites

You can request data from Twitter and you will get a list of your Twitter archive in your email. Within few hours you will receive an email with your Twitter data.

The Twitter data is available for download for a month. Once you download the file, you can see information like tweet media, tweets, followers, messages, and other details.

  1. ExportTweet

ExportTweet is probably the best tweet downloader tool out there. With ExportTweet, you can download tweets of any user in a simple readable format.

It’s a one-click process to download tweets. Just enter the account handle, add to cart, and download the report.

It offers information like:

  • Tweet day, date, time.
  • Tweet likes, retweets.
  • Type of tweet (text, retweet, reply)
  • Tweet source.

tweet downlaoder toos apps sites

Great to keep an eye on competitors, it’s a simple way to get all tweets in one place.

The price of using ExportTweet is $29.99 per account. It gives 3200 tweets per user.  You can learn more about their pricing and services here.

  1. Tweet Download:

Just like Twitter, Tweet download only provides you a copy of your tweets. They can fetch up to 3,200 tweets and then you can save them in your computer.

The benefit of using TweetDownload over Twitter is that it’s more readable than the format provided by Twitter. Also, it’s free and takes a few seconds to generate the report, so you should definitely give it a try.

tweet downlaoder toos apps sites

Remember, it only works for your own tweets as it require authentication. You cannot use it to download other users’ data.

  1. FollowerAnalysis:

FollowerAnalysis is another tool likeExportTweet that helps you to download tweets of any user.

When you go to the webpage of FollowerAnalysis, click on the tab “User Tweets & Analysis.” Enter the Twitter handle of the user whose tweets you wish to download.

Next, you will be asked for authentication. Authenticate with your Twitter account and confirm the Twitter handle of the user. Next, pay $25 and your tweet sheet is ready to download.

tweet downlaoder toos apps sites

You get tweet content like tweet id, URL, time, source, retweet and like count.

Other than tweets, you can also get Twitter information like followers using this tool.

To sum it up:

These are 4 tweet downloader tools/sites I could come across that have the easiest and most reliable methods of downloading tweets. Given all the information in this article, I want to make sure that any downloaded data is used carefully and not be taken irresponsibly. Any data extracted and used is solely the responsibility of the person in charge and not of any tool or mine.

So, that’s all! I hope you enjoy your tweet downloading and analyzing.

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Let me know if you’ve any questions regarding Twitter marketing in the comments below.

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