ManageFlitter Not Working? New Alternatives to Combat Twitter Unfollowers!

ManageFlitter alternatives to unfollow Twitter unfollowers

In a major step by Twitter this week, Twitter has shut down apps like ManageFlitter, Crowdfire, and Statusbrew to prevent aggressive following and unfollowing in the Twitter app. The question is, given that that apps like ManageFlitter are not working, how do you unfollow Twitter unfollowers now?

Well, let’s just say there are still a few tools that follow Twitter rules and still manage to provide services like follow and unfollow. Here, in this article I’m going to list some of the tools that you can use to manage your Twitter account within the realms of Twitter policies.

Using these tools will also make sure that your Twitter account is not suspended. Twitter has been removing millions of Twitter accounts that engage in aggressive following and unfollowing of accounts. So, if you wish to continue using your Twitter account, it’s best to be careful which tools you use to grow your Twitter circle.

One more point that you need to consider is understand that these tools are just helping aids and not your only way to grow your Twitter account. What really makes your Twitter account amazing is the quality of tweets you post and nothing is more important than that. These tools are just extra help to keep your Twitter account clear of fake or spam accounts.

Let’s look at some of the Twitter management tools of 2019 that are good ManageFlitter Alternatives:


Hypegrowth is Twitter growth service designed with busy people in mind. Unlike ManageFlitter it does not require you to log in daily and do the following and/or unfollowing yourself. Instead, the account will be managed by a dedicated manager who after getting to know your goals, will work 7 days a week (yes, even on weekends!) saving you 2-3 hours of mundane and time-consuming Twitter work every day. Think of all this saved time! Since the growth is managed by a professional it also means that you don’t need to have prior marketing knowledge in order to use it.

Unlike ManageFlitter and other services, this ManageFlitter alternative is safe to use as it does not rely on bots & software. The monthly plans start from 99USD and can be canceled anytime. Oh, did I mention their customer service is amazing?


track twitter followers and unfollowers

Circleboom has been a huge competitor to ManageFlitter because of their friendly interface and amazing Twitter features. The tool allows you to get rid of Twitter unfollowers who don’t follow back, or are fake/spam Twitter accounts.

Other than managing unfollowers, it also helps in growing your Twitter circle by following accounts filtered through keywords and hashtags. You can use their Twitter scheduling and analytics to improve your Twitter engagement.

The tool is safe to use because they do not allow bulk follow or unfollow. They have free plans and paid plans starting from $4.50 per month.


ManageFlitter alternatives

FollowCheck is another free tool that can help you manage your Twitter unfollowers. You can check your friends, followers, mutuals, and sleepers using this app. The app allows you to follow and unfollow from the app itself. Just like Circleboom, FollowCheck also doesn’t permit any bulk follow/unfollow and is safe to use.

Other than this, FollowCheck also allows you to schedule your tweets and search for Twitter users.


ManageFlitter alternatives to unfollow Twitter unfollowers

Robofollow is another beautiful app that has a super neat dashboard stating your recent unfollowers, followers, and Twitter statistics. The tool also gives an interesting follow/unfollow stats, user mentions, to understand how your Twitter account is performing.

This tool doesn’t have the option to manage your tweet scheduling but it’s good if you only want to clean your account from Twitter unfollowers. You can also use it to grow your Twitter circle by finding new accounts to follow.

Final Words:

The reason Twitter has been banning these tools and spammy accounts is because they want to make Twitter more dominated by users than bots. So, while you’re using these ManageFlitter alternatives to manage your Twitter unfollowers, remember to keep the Twitter rules in mind.

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