How to Automate Your Feed RSS to Twitter in a click after Twitterfeed?

Rss to Twitter

Twitterfeed was hands down one of the best Twitter tools to automate RSS to Twitter. Ever since Twitterfeed has stopped operating, people have been looking for best Twitterfeed alternatives.

What made Twitterfeed so convenient?

Twitterfeed was one of the simplest tools. All your new content was automatically sent to Twitter. This made sure all your articles are on Twitter the minute you post them. And, since this could be done without adding any extra plugin to your site, Twitterfeed also helped you keep your site lightweight.

Now that Twitterfeed is gone, I have found some other simple and easy alternatives for you to automate RSS to Twitter.

Connect RSS to Twitter with these easy and amazing RSS feed integration tools:

  1. Circleboom:

Rss to Twitter

Circleboom is a personal favorite and often mentioned tool because of its multiple features and ease of use.

How can you automate your RSS to Twitter with Circleboom?

You can set up to 10 RSS feeds while adding your RSS feeds on Circleboom.

I haven’t come across any other tool that offers such detailed customization options while adding RSS feeds.

Rss to Twitter

While adding your feed RSS to Twitter with Circleboom, you can:

  • Add beginning and end tags: If there’s any specific hashtag or mention that you want to add to your automated RSS feeds, you can do that. Adding hashtags and mentions get more attention to your tweets and higher chances of getting retweets.
  • RSS feed post interval: How often should the feeds be synced with your Twitter? How often should the tweets be sent out for a particular RSS? You can set these with Circleboom and make sure your Twitter doesn’t look cluttered.
  • Shorten URLs: Keeping the Twitter word count in mind, Circleboom shortens your RSS URL with You can also get the click statistics when you shorten your URL.
  • RSS feed history: You can check how your RSS integration is working by checking RSS feed history. All the sent, unsent, and scheduled tweet history for each RSS is stored here.

Having listed the features above, you must be wondering the price to be paid for using them. Here’s how it works:

Add 1 RSS feed? If you only need to add 1 RSS to Twitter, you can do it for FREE with Circleboom. The sync time is 15 minutes giving you the quickest RSS synchronization.

More than 1 RSS feed? Pay $4.50 monthly and get access to all the features of Circleboom. You can add 10 RSS feeds along with Twitter scheduling and management.

Along with RSS integration and Twitter scheduling, Circleboom also offers Twitter follower and unfollower tracking.

Sounds like a good deal? Try Circleboom for yourself and see if it helps you efficiently manage your Twitter account.


Rss to Twitter is a social media scheduling tool with RSS to Twitter integration. You can also integrate your RSS feeds to other social media sites with

With, you can set scheduling and frequency of RSS automation. You can also add images and hashtags to your RSS feeds.

How pricing works?

Add 1 RSS feed? allows you to add up to 5 RSS feeds in their free plan with a sync time of 30 minutes.

More than 5 RSS feeds? Add up to 50 RSS feeds with at $8.99 per month with a sync time of 5 minutes.

  1. SocialOomph:

SocialOomph is a social media tool that also offers RSS feed integration. Connect your Twitter account to SocialOomph to connect your feed RSS to Twitter.

However, SocialOomph doesn’t offer RSS integration in their free plan. To connect RSS feed to Twitter with SocialOomph, you will have to invest in their paid tool for $17.97/month.

  1. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is another well-known social media scheduling tool that offers RSS to Twitter integration. Just like SocialOomph, Hootsuite doesn’t offer RSS feed integration in their free plan.

To automate your RSS feeds with Hootsuite, you have to invest in their monthly plan of $19/month. Their monthly plan offers unlimited RSS integration.

Wrapping it Up:

Integrating RSS to Twitter can help you automate your Twitter posts and save your social media scheduling time. Practices like these help you become your own social media manager.

I hope the tools above have given you a fair idea on how to effectively manage your RSS feeds on Twitter. I believe using the right frequency intervals and setting a maximum limit like in Circleboom can prevent from spamming your Twitter.

Be smart with your Twitter management and check out these tools to manage Twitter better:

8 Twitter Unfollower Tracking Tools.

Twitter Video Downloader Apps and Tools.

Disclosure: This post has been created in collaboration with Circleboom.

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    Circleboom dropped their URL shortening.

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