8 Best Twitter Unfollowers Tracking Apps & Tools in 2020 for Free

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The only thing worse than not being followed back on Twitter is an increasing Twitter Unfollowers!

Well, you can be unfollowed for a variety of reasons. Maybe your posts are not relevant or you are posting too much or your unfollower is playing some not-nice games. Maybe you don’t have the right Twitter profile or the perfect Twitter header. It could be anything. However, you must track your Twitter unfollowers because if your unfollow rate is high, you need to check what is going out from your profile.

Before using any of the tools below, keep in mind Twitter policies and do not involve in aggressive following and unfollowing, else you might get your Twitter account suspended.

Here are 8 free tools and apps to track your Twitter Unfollowers:

A complete Twitter compliant tool, CircleBoom is one of the best tools to track your Twitter unfollowers and followers. With their smart search, you can easily follow new accounts and create new lists. The tool helps you in knowing who’s not following you back, spammers and inactive accounts in your Twitter account. Proving free and affordable annual plans, Circleboom also has Twitter scheduling and analytics, making it a no-brainer choice.

track twitter followers and unfollowers

A simple Twitter unfollow tool to keep track and organize your followers and non-follow backs. You can simply authenticate your Twitter account with iUnfollow and all your non-followers will be listed by the app. You can choose to unfollow them from the iUnfollow app itself. 

Twitter unfollowers app iOS Android

Important Update: As of 2nd February 2019, ManageFlitter has removed their follow/unfollow as a step by Twitter to curb aggressive following and unfollowing on their site. However, you can still use the site to find fake followers, inactive followers, and perform Twitter search.

A great tool to find Twitter profiles that are not following back. Apart from this, you can use this tool for checking your Twitter Analytics. Manage Flitter is also a complete Twitter management tool to manage your Twitter engagement, find suggested content, and manage Inbox.

Twitter unfollowers app iOS Android

Another very simple app that helps you manage your who unfollowed you on Twitter. Track your Twitter unfollowers, followers, following, not-followback, and I don’t-followback.

Twitter unfollowers

You can check your new unfollowers & followers and you can check unfollowers, followers history for over 30 days.

Twitter unfollower tracker


Very easy to use, Robofollow is an amazing tool to find your unfollowers. Not just unfollowers, this tool will also help you to find your competitor’s followers. You can go through their list and find influencers and followers.

twitter unfollowers

Available on the App Store for iOS devices, this free app will give your new unfollowers, followers, don’t follow-back, followers, following. You can follow or unfollow them from your account from the app itself.

Twitter unfollowers app iOS Android

This app is available for both iOS and Android. This will not only give you your unfollowers, followers but will also show you charts depicting your followers and unfollowers growth. But, unlike Tweet Sponge, you cannot directly follow unfollow people from this app. 

Twitter unfollower app

I hope this list helps. You don’t have to obsess over your unfollowers. Maybe, you can just check once a month if you have unfollowers and if there’s anything that you can do from your side to bring down the number. You can use any of these free tools or apps. They are all one click sites to get your results.

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All the best! Happy Tracking! If you know any other tools than the ones mentioned in the list, just tell us about it in the comments.

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