How to Get Tik Tok Famous Quickly in 2020

If you’re trying to get Tik Tok famous, you would have already seen many Tik Tok profiles that are so famous and you can’t understand why! Well, it’s crazy that ANYBODY can be famous on Tik Tok! You do not need any special talent or looks or place to be Tik Tok famous. But, despite not needing anything, it can still be hard to make your place on Tik Tok. 

Why? Because it’s indeed a unique platform. While you can upload helpful stuff on YouTube and get famous or you can upload some amazing picturesque on Instagram and get famous, Tik Tok works rather differently. Tik Tok is filled with short videos (less than 60 seconds, mostly less than 30 seconds) that are fun to watch with sound bites and Tik Tok filters. 

What really drives the views, likes, comments, and follower numbers on Tik Tok are how interesting your videos are. Now, they can be interesting in terms of your actions or music or editing, but they basically need to be interesting. It’s the “fun” element of the app that has made it the fastest app to reach the 1 billion mark amongst all social media apps.

Given the gist of what happens on Tik Tok, let’s look at detailed points on how to get Tik Tok famous in 2020.

Pick up the Hashtag Challenges:

Tik Tok revolves around challenges. Someone starts a challenge that’s then picked up by other Tik Tok users who start recreating their own version of the challenge. As regular Tik Tok users are following the videos related to a challenge, your video has a better chance of being discovered if you’re creating videos on challenges. 

For example, a simple challenge like #schoolbathroom challenge started this year where students are just sharing short videos of their school bathrooms. Some are funny, some have kids dancing in the bathroom or doing stupid stuff in their uniforms. 

Tik Tok famous

To quickly get Tik Tok famous, you should keep looking for hashtag challenges and share videos when you can. 

Do what the Celebs are Doing:

There’s no cheating on Tik Tok. If you can do the same thing in your style, it’s a new Tik Tok video. To make your Tik Tok profile interesting and gain traction, do what celebs are doing on Tik Tok in your own style. 

For example, Ed Sheeran posted a video showcasing the beautiful people of his life to popularize his song “Beautiful People.” Many Tik Tok users caught the trend and started creating emotional or cool videos with their beautiful people. 

Knowing what the celebrities are doing and replicating their messages can also take you forward on Tik Tok. 

Pick your Style:

For any other social media platform, I would say, pick your niche. But, for Tik Tok, I would say, pick your style. Your style on Tik Tok could be posting lip-syncing videos or jazz videos or dances. But, you need a theme to gain followers and build your community on the platform.

When you take a look at a Tik Tok famous celebrity Zachking, you would notice his theme is “magic”. He has more than 23 million Tik Tok followers and he’s very consistent with his posts. What’s amazing is that he uses all the elements of Tik Tok and creates small daily-routine videos with magic that makes his videos very interesting. 

Tik Tok famous

Utilize the “For You” Page:

The “For You” page of Tik Tok is the page that showcases you the latest hashtags trending on Tik Tok. Have a look at the videos that are posted in the hashtag to get an idea of how to create your own video. The more the likes and comments on the video, the more inspiration you can take from it. Make sure to add the hashtags to your video before publishing them. 

Tik Tok famous

Final Words:

Getting Tik Tok famous is still feasible and easier if you start now. Post funny content and use popular songs, hashtags, filters to get the result. Make sure to recreate content in your own way for maximum popularity. 

Harshita Agrawal

I started as a Freelancer with small projects only to learn that I was capable of so much more. I underestimated myself for long till my clients enjoyed my work as much as I did. Now, I want to share some of the proven tips & tricks of the online marketing world that helped me grow. I hope they help you too.

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