Latest Social Media Marketing Trends November 2017

social media marketing trends november december 2017

There are a jillion social media marketing trends and updates this month!

Seems like it is the year-end excitement that’s pushing social platforms to create exciting updates. Integration of social media in businesses is increasing every year. Social media is not just social networking, it’s also social selling and buying now.

I am going to try and list all of the latest updates announced by social giants in November. Not all social media marketing trends are going to be useful for everyone, some will be better for businesses and some will bring more fun to individuals. See which ones are exciting for you and your business.

Here’s the list of latest social media marketing trends & updates in November 2017:


Latest Facebook Marketing Trends November 2017


  1. PayPal launches invoicing extension for Facebook!

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Facebook

Chatbots and Facebook Messenger ads are already making Facebook messenger an invaluable business tool. This feature by PayPal is an exciting Facebook update.

 The PayPal chat extension for invoicing will allow sellers to create and send a PayPal Invoice directly in a Messenger conversation. The buyer can act on it immediately and complete the transaction on Messenger itself.

Fascinating for Facebook sellers, isn’t it? This feature has been only rolled out in the US for now.

  1. Facebook is testing messenger chat plugin for websites!

facebook messenger chat plugin for websites

Image via Facebook

Bringing messenger chat to websites, this is quite a relevant feature that is introduced by Facebook for businesses. This will allow businesses to add live chat on their websites with the Facebook messenger.

Messenger chat on websites is expected to have more benefits for businesses over normal live chat.

The feature is still being tested by selected websites. You can register for this feature on Facebook here.

  1. Facebook is testing Snapchat’s Messenger Streaks!

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Facebook

What’s a streak? It’s basically a counter on number of days that you have been chatting with a person.  A lightning bolt appears if you have been chatting with the same person for more than 2 consecutive days.

Not sure if it’s interesting or annoying, but it’s Facebook copying Snapchat yet again! Streaks was a fun feature in Snapchat for its young audience. Now Facebook is testing it for its 1 billion audiences. I hope that it’s not an exact replica of Snapchat.

  1. Facebook introduces 4k resolution pictures in Messenger

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Facebook

Guess which image is 4k out of the two? The right one! 

Facebook is has announced sending photos in Messenger at 4k resolution – up to 4096 X 4096 resolution per image. This is the highest resolution available in smartphones as of now.

According to Facebook, ‘’ considering people send more than 17 billion photos through Messenger every month — we’re making your conversations richer, sharper, and better than ever.’’

  1. Facebook is launching new app for video creators

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Facebook

Welcome to a new community helping video creators level up on Facebook. Facebook has launched a new website where video creators can create videos, build a community, and measure insights. They have already launched the mobile iOS app and Android app launch is still awaited.

An amazing news for all the video creators who are looking for a new channel to market and make money.

Wondering how it will compete with YouTube? Me too!

  1. Facebook has released Polls for Pages:

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Facebook

Earlier this month, Facebook has introduced polls for pages. Facebook is going crazy with polls this season, also enabling polls in Instagram stories.

This is new because even though Facebook had polls, there was no direct way to use it. And, Facebook has also introduced GIFs for polls this month.

Some love it, some hate it. What about you?


Latest Instagram Marketing Trends November 2017


  1. Follow hashtags on Instagram

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Instagram

This much-awaited feature is finally rolled out by Instagram. Instagram will now allow users to follow hashtags.

What can you do by following hashtags? Your Instagram feed will have the top posts from that hashtag, stories with that hashtag, and you can know hashtags that people follow.

The biggest benefit of this is that it saves you from the effort of monitoring hashtags repeatedly.

For marketers, this would mean higher reach for their Instagram posts and stories.

  1. Shopify rolls out in-stream shopping on Instagram

shopping on Instagram with shopify

Image via Instagram

A simple yet unique feature, this will allow sellers to tag their products that are available for sale and enable payment in the Instagram app itself.

It’s a massive step by Instagram. It gives an advantage to Shopify sellers, as they have exclusively released this feature for them as of now.

  1. Add content older than 24hrs to Instagram stories

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Instagram

Yes, that’s right! Instagram has finally lifted the 24-hour limit on posting images and videos on Instagram stories.

Now you can select older images as well from your camera roll. The pictures will be displayed with the date. It’s advantageous because many businesses were not able to post stories often due to lack of recent content or on weekends. 

You can also be creative by posting old content in a new way as you are not limited to posting live content.

  1. Instagram adds 2X bigger Stories preview in the middle of the feed

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Instagram

Bringing more attention to Instagram stories, Instagram has doubled the size of Stories preview in the middle of the feed.

The motivation behind this move seems to be the fact that more than 250 million people use Instagram stories. And Instagram wants to increase the reach and usage of Instagram stories even more.

It’s a good news for marketers and individuals who enjoy using Instagram stories. Instagram is making sure that their stories don’t go unnoticed.


Latest Twitter Marketing Trends November 2017


  1. Twitter’s $99 Promote mode launched for public beta

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Twitter

Promote mode is a simplified advertising started by Twitter. They charge $99 per month and promote all your tweets for that month. This feature is currently available in the UK, US, and Japan.

It’s a cost and time-saving tool as its automated and you do not have to bother much about creating separate ads every time. However, it restricts you in terms of your audience targeting and choice of tweets that you want to promote more.

Promote mode has its analytics dashboard to track the performance of your advertisements.

  1. Twitter removed retweets and likes from tweet embeds

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Twitter

Embedded Tweets bring your pick of content from Twitter into your website articles. Very recently it has been seen that embedded tweets’ retweet and like buttons are replaced by ”people talking about this’.

A possible reason for this new update? The same reason for every update! Bringing more people and engagement to their app. So, I guess that Twitter has done this so that if someone wants to retweet the tweet, they will have to use the Twitter app.


Latest Snapchat Marketing Trends November 2017


  1. Snapchat launched website links in Snapchat Lenses and Filters

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Snapchat

Taking baby steps into advertising, Snapchat has now released sponsored lens and filters. Snapchat launched context cards last month and this feature is further built on it.

Advertisers can buy lenses/filters and context card with a link to their website on this. They have also worked on tracking it with impressions, clicks, and click-through rate.

This feature is quite interesting for Snapchat considering everyone’s been waiting for better advertising opportunities from Snapchat.

Hopefully, this one gains popularity with marketers over time.

  1. Snapchat is testing Snap Pixel

Snapchat recently announced Snap Pixel, a conversion-tracking tool to track your website traffic generated from Snapchat.

A much-awaited feature because advertisers like to track everything, and this was a big missing piece from Snapchat ads. All other giant social media platforms support pixel tracking, and Snapchat is certainly a late mover.


Latest Pinterest Marketing Trends November 2017


  1. Pinterest now allows you to add sections to boards

social media marketing trends november december 2017

Image via Pinterest

Pinterest launches board sections – a new way to organize your Pins on Pinterest.

Basically, you can save all your pins in one board and then organize them into sections. So, get ready to clean up your different boards and reorganize them.

How to do it? Go to your board, tap “Organize” and select the pins you want to move.


So, we’ve reached the end of this list. These were the updates on the giant social media sites this November. Hope you enjoyed reading them.

Over to you:

Tell me in the comments which social media marketing trends are going to be most beneficial to you? And share the blog if you liked the list.

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