Facebook 3D Post with VR objects and what it means for Marketers!

Facebook 3D post Virtual Reality News Feed

Facebook announced 3D post in the news feed on October 11 during the Oculus Connect 4 keynote address. Though Facebook launched their Oculus Rift (a Virtual Reality headset) last year, we finally see Facebook bringing Virtual Reality to its Social Media platform now.

Before we go further, let’s just see what Facebook’s 3D post looks like and what it means:


If you have seen the video, you know now how a Facebook 3D post differs from a normal post. Basically, it gives the user the power to interact with the post. Maybe you can rotate the object in the post or zoom in or change directions, there are endless possibilities that can be created to make the user interact with the post.

Bringing this feature to Facebook’s 2 Billion population also means the following:

  • It brings Virtual Reality to people who do not own or use a VR headset
  • It gives everyone a chance to interact with Facebook posts and be more than a viewer

How to create a Facebook 3D Post?

You can create virtual objects in Facebook’s Oculus Medium or Facebook Spaces VR Hangouts and then share them. 

Is it going to transform Facebook Marketing or just a fad?

Let us not forget that it’s been a while since videos have been dominating social media and businesses are moving towards creating rich user experience through different ways. And why should we stop at just normal videos, haven’t brands and small businesses made good use of Facebook’s 360 videos, Facebook live, Facebook Polls? Yes, they still are exploring it in various ways. Facebook gave them a better way to interact with their audience and they are trying to make the most out of it.

But, creating a 3D post which interacts with the virtual objects is not going to be a cup of tea, and certainly not something that everyone can replicate easily. A majority of people are still living in a world without such concepts and they would take time to get accustomed to this feature.

Allow me to also take you back to an ad from 2015.

Video via Instagram

Jameson created a buzz with this ad on social media and was well applauded for their 3D ad. I am showing this because it slightly demonstrates the beauty of 3D ads and how brands will slowly begin to use it. Though creating a 3D post with virtual reality objects is different and evolving,  we need to keep our eyes on it and see how the platform expands. 

Maybe Facebook 3D posts are going to take their own sweet time to gain popularity and be meaningful, but we know and we hope that brands are going to leverage it and create something unique for their customers.

And, gradually, we would like to see how Facebook 3D post picks up in small and medium businesses and what business opportunities it brings along!

What do you think?


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