5 Social Media Tracking Tools to Track Your Competitors’ Social Analytics

The ease of access into the online space has skyrocketed competition among brands. There are more than 50 million businesses using Facebook business pages. Just focusing on your social media marketing strategies is not enough. Good news is that there are quite good social media tracking tools available to track competitors!

Social media networks like Instagram provide tools to track your marketing efforts and for growing Instagram followers. There are tools to attract loyal customers on Facebook and generate leads through on Twitter. The knowledge of these techniques is open to all. This results in the progressive growth of businesses in the online space.

The fact is that with unique content on social media, your competitors can also convert customers. These social media tracking tools help you to keep an eye on the efforts of your competitors, enabling you to know their approaches and compare them with yours.

Here are five social media tracking tools that can help you achieve this:

1.      SEMrush

social media tracking tools

 SEMrush is one of the excellent social media tracking tools that you could consider. The tool provides a smart way to learn from the activities of your competitors by providing several options:

  • Watching Your Competitors: This option is geared toward monitoring the frequency of competitors’ posts, the nature of their content and how the social media audience responds to their activities. In relation to social media strategy, SEMrush provides a PDF report that clearly explains your stand when compared with that of your competitors.
  • Identifying Top Content: SEMrush helps you to find out the posts that had the most successful engagement rate among your competitors on a particular social media platform.

It also helps you figure out the reason the post did well; was the content captivating or was the timing just right? The answers you get from here can be added to your own ideas to get excellent results. Overall, SEMrush helps you benchmark your social media performance against that of your competitors.

2.      Sprout Social

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Sprout Social is an encompassing social media management software that provides tools on the analytics of your social media efforts and that of your competitors. Sprout social helps you to monitor the social presence of other brands and how often they put up content for their audience.

This tool provides features like Facebook Competitors report that helps you to compare your audience growth with that of competitors without having to sneak on their Facebook walls daily. A similar analytics is provided for Instagram accounts too.

3.      Phlanx

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While growing Instagram followers, you can also monitor the growth of the followers on competitors’ accounts. Phlanx is a social media tracking tool that provides insight into the competitors’ presence and how active their followers are on Instagram. It can also help you check if their followers are legit.

Follower count is one thing. Apart from growing Instagram followers, you would want your followership to reflect on your engagement rate too so that followers don’t just click the follow button but are also active on your wall.

Phlanx calculates the engagement ratio of accounts by taking into consideration the number of followers and how often they interact with shared content through comments and likes.

4.      Social Blade

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Social Blade is another social media tracking tool that provides analytics on the social media pages of your competitors. Social blade helps you determine the follower activities of competitors’ account on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. It also provides results on Twitter analysis using a grading system.

By providing analytics on different social networks, this tool offers beneficial insight to marketers.

5.      BuzzSumo

social media tracking tools

BuzzSumo provides information on content that has received the most shares as related to a particular keyword. It cuts across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Basically, BuzzSumo deals with researching competitors’ content. It presents a holistic approach covering articles on your competitors’ websites and the content they shared on their social media walls. By providing information on the top performing content, this helps to improve your content intelligence and analyze what works best.


With much available information on internet marketing, the digital landscape has become a ground for competition. It is therefore important to keep your business activities in check and also ensure that you stay ahead of competitors. While growing Instagram followers or engaging your audience on Facebook, you can track the efforts of your competitors and get knowledge on what works best in the industry.

The above social media tracking tools would come in handy in helping you track your competitors’ social media analytics.

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