Snapchat Score: A True Loyalty Test?

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Whether you believe it or not, Snapchat score has actually become a loyalty test for today’s boyfriends and girlfriends to check if their partner is lying or cheating. 

We live in a world where it’s easy to delete Whatsapp messages, clear social media chats, mute notifications, hide social media posts. Anybody who wants to cheat can easily cheat without leaving the slightest clue for their partners.

This is exactly where Snapchat score comes into the picture. It can be your savior to catch your lying boyfriend/girlfriend in a few seconds. Of course, only if they have Snapchat installed on their phones and use them now and then.

What does Snapchat Score mean?

A Snapchat score is the number that you can see under the name of any Snapchat account user. It’s a score that Snapchat calculates for each account based on their in-app activity.  To check someone’s Snapchat score, just go their chat, click on their account, and you can see their Snapchat score. 

Snapchat score

How’s the Snapchat Score Calculated?

A Snapchat score is calculated on the basis of:

  • Snaps sent 
  • Snaps received
  • Snaps added to a story

Majority of the times, for each Snap sent, received, or added, Snapchat adds one point to your Snapchat score. In some situations like sending/receiving Snapchat after a long time could add more than one point.

Either way, your text chats are not added to the Snapchat score. Only if an image or video is shared, it is counted as a Snap.

How Can Snapchat score be used as a Loyalty Test? 

Snapchat score is shown in every profile and you cannot hide it, delete it, change it, or prevent it from showing on your account. So, if you’re a partner is not an active Snapchat user but you see their Snapchat score increasing, that’s an alarm. 

Your Girlfriend’s/Boyfriend’s Snapchat Score Keeps going up?

I am not here to accuse anyone. Neither do I mean that a high Snapchat score means a cheating partner. It could also mean a socially-active partner or an influencer. Your partner could also be Snapchatting with their friends or being spammed. So, please, do not be mad at your partner just by their high score and show them this article. I will be sued.

In several instances, a person has noticed that their partner had a high increase in their Snapchat scores despite claiming that they don’t use the app. This is where the problem is. For someone who doesn’t use Snapchat at all, this is what the numbers could look like:

Snapchat score

Let’s work out scenarios where your partner could be cheating or lying or none based on their score patterns:

There are too many Snaps received than sent: Maybe not cheating

By just clicking on their Snapchat numbers, you can see if your partner is mostly receiving snaps or if there’s a balance. The first score is the number of snaps sent and the second score is the number of snaps received.

If your partner’s received snaps are far more than what he/she has sent, then you can be sure that it’s mostly friends or people sending them snaps while they don’t bother.

Almost an equal number of Snaps sent and received: Maybe lying.

If your partner claims that they don’t use Snapchat but you see their Snapchat score is increasing and there are a fairly equal number of snaps sent and received, then you know that they are lying. We don’t know yet if they are cheating or not, but we know they are definitely lying. 

Snapchat score

Continuous increase in Girlfriend’s/Boyfriend’s Snapchat score: Maybe cheating.

If your partner’s Snapchat score increases considerably when you are not around, then you need to have a discussion. Maybe before you go ahead and confront them, observe the score changes a few times. You can check the score changes for a few nights or when you’re not together. If there exists a pattern, then it’s worth a discussion.

A true Loyalty Test: 

Though the Snapchat score could be a good metric to know if you’re dating someone who lies. It’s definitely not the true loyalty test. So, before you decide to take any long-term decision, just discuss with your partner first. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do u check your friend snap score for sending and receive. It doesn’t work on my end

    • Harshita Agrawal says:


      To check someone’s Snapchat score, just go their chat, click on their account, and you can see their Snapchat score. Is it not working for a specific friend or all the accounts you’re trying to access? Thanks.

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