Pinterest for Business: 20 smart ways to do Pinterest marketing in 2019!

Are you exploring Pinterest for business because it seems like the most reasonable thing to do now?

Well, whether you’re an e-commerce site or your business thrives on social media, I know two things:

  • You’re tired of Facebook feed changes and low Facebook ad response.
  • Instagram is too cluttered and if you’re a new business on Instagram, you’ve difficulty coping up.

Here are the statistics on how US millennials use Pinterest over other social networks:

Pinterest for Business over Instagram and Facebook

Image Source

Also, you must have heard some of these nice statistics on Pinterest for business:

  • 87% of active pinners have purchased something because of Pinterest.
  • 93% of active pinners have accepted using Pinterest to plan purchases.
  • 50% of Pinterest users make more than $50k per month.

You must be wondering, like really, is it true? It’s true my friends! A social media site that seemed like bulletin boards has become this useful social commerce platform!

Let’s have a sneak peek at how Pinterest became a valuable social e-commerce site over time with this infographic:

Pinterest for Business Infographic

Image Source

With time Pinterest has added a variety of promoted pins too to make Pinterest selling easier.

Now, I won’t say Pinterest for business is complicated to implement! But yes, it’s not as simple to understand as Twitter or Instagram.

So, let’s go ahead and learn the most important tips to implement your Pinterest for business in 2018:

Pinterest for Business Tip #1: Understand new Pinterest Terms:

The basics before the advance lessons 😉

Pinterest for Business Basic Explanation

Boards and pins are what anyone acquainted with Pinterest knows about. These new terms will help you learn and promote your business on Pinterest:

  • Buyable Pins: It allows the users to buy the product within Pinterest itself.
  • Rich Pins: Allows you to add additional info to your pins with meta-tags.
  • Promoted Pins: Pins that are promoted as ads to increase your reach and traffic.
  • Save Button: The red save button adds pins to your boards.
  • Group Boards: Owner can collaborate a board with other users to add pins.
  • Lens: Gives new pin suggestions based on the pictures taken from the camera.

It is important for you to know these terms so that you better understand the points below.

Pinterest for Business Tip #2: Create a Pinterest Business Account:

I know I keep urging you to create business accounts be it Instagram business or Pinterest!

To make the most out of Pinterest for business features, you should sign up for a business account. The benefits of having a Pinterest business account?

  • You can create Pinterest ads and promote pins.
  • You can access Pinterest analytics

Both features are essential for any business willing to grow on Pinterest. Creating a Pinterest business account is free. You can create a business account while signing up or change to the business account from account settings.

Pinterest for Business Account

   Image via Pinterest

Pinterest for Business Tip #3: Claim your Website on Pinterest:

Pinterest for Business Claim Website

 Image via Pinterest

As a business, you should claim your site on Pinterest. It serves your three purposes:

  • It shows your company logo on pins from your site, making it easier for pinners to know you. Here’s the difference between the pins when your website is claimed or not.

Pinterest for Business Pinterest for Business

 Image via Pinterest

  • It gives you information on how pins from your sites are working.
  • Businesses have also seen a higher reach with their business accounts.

For claiming your site, you need to add an HTML tag to your site and you’re set!

Pinterest for Business Tip #4: Add Pinterest Save Button to your Website:

pinterest for business

Image Source

According to Pinterest, adding a save button to your site increases saving of your content by 5 times.

It often comes as a surprise to me that sites with such splendid pictures don’t have the save button on their site. Adding a save button to your site can make it easy for your audience to pin your pictures.

You can add a save button to your site from Pinterest Widget Builder. You can add three types of save button to your site.

Pinterest for Business Save It Button how to add

Image via Pinterest

  • Save button on all your images.
  • Save button on specific images.
  • Save button on hovering over images.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on Pinterest on how to add a Save button to your site.

So, go ahead and add a save button to your site to make it more Pinterest friendly!

Extra Tip: You can also add a Follow button from your Pinterest widget. This will let your users follow you on Pinterest without leaving your website.

Pinterest for Business Tip #5: Validate Rich Pins:

Rich pins are extra information on your pins that makes them more explanatory and meaningful. There are 4 types of rich pins on Pinterest right now:

Product Pins: If you are a retailer or e-commerce site, this is what you need. Product pins include real-time pricing, where to buy and availability of your products to your pins.

Pinterest for Business Rich Pins

Image via Pinterest

Article Pins: If you’re a blogger, article pins is what’s more helpful for you. The article pins will show your blog’s title, story, and author.

Pinterest for Business Rich Pins

Image via Pinterest

Recipe Pins: Making it easier for chefs and restaurants, recipe pins are amazing to highlight your dishes. They include your recipe’s serving size, ingredients, and cooking time.

Pinterest for Business Rich Pins

Image via Pinterest

App Pins: Compatible with the only iOS, app pins make sure that your apps can be installed directly on Pinterest. Sounds like a win-win to everyone?

Pinterest for Business Rich Pins

Image via Pinterest

So, if any of these rich pins seem useful for your business, you can add them here. They are free and a great way to make Pinterest a rich experience for your users.

Pinterest for Business Tip #6: Make your Pinterest profile SEO ready:

Be honest, this is why you came to this blog, right? This is exactly where Pinterest beats all social networks hands down – SEO!

Pinterest is probably the only social network that gets you website traffic by ranking on search engines.

How can you make your Pinterest profile SEO ready? Here are a few tips you can work on for improving your Pinterest SEO:

  • Optimize your profile, boards, and pins: Pinterest takes your text seriously and so should you. Just like you worry about adding right keywords to rank in Google’s SEO, you need to focus on Pinterest keywords as well.
  • Avoid hashtags: Yup, you read it right. Pinterest is not like Instagram when it comes to adding hashtags. Their search algorithm works differently with less focus on hashtags. This doesn’t mean you need to avoid hashtags altogether. It just means limit the number of hashtags you use in your text on Pinterest.
  • Add overlay text on images: Pinterest is getting better at image recognition and reads your text better than you know. The image below will give you an idea of how well Pinterest’s image recognition works when you look at ‘more like this’! Which is why your overlay text is important.

Pinterest for Business

Image via Pinterest

Pinterest for Business Tip #7: Schedule Pins to Maintain Pinning Consistency:

The best place to learn about Pinterest’s pinning consistency and schedule is from the king itself. According to Pinterest, these are following points you need to take care of while pinning:

  • Pinterest gives priority to the first 5 pins you post each day. So, add most relevant pins to most relevant boards first.
  • While most social media accounts give you results within the first 24 hours of posting, Pinterest is different. It works more like search engines in terms of ranking and visibility.
  • Consistency is the key. So, better to use social media tools like HootSuite or Buffer to plan your content better.

Pinterest for Business Tip #8: Add Images that People Love to Pin:

Posting your Instagram and Facebook images on Pinterest will not give you effective results. According to a research conducted on social media mistakes, a prominent mistake pointed out was:

social media marketing mistakes

Image Source

Here’s what you need to know about Pinterest images:

  • Looks matter.

Pinterest for Business

Image Source

  • Vertical images work best on Pinterest. The preferable size would be 735px x 1102px. You can easily create your Pinterest images with Canva as they have beautiful Pinterest layouts.

Pinterest for Business Image Specifications

Image Source

  • The Pinterest image colors matter. Pins with many dominant colors get 25 x more repins than pins with single colors.

Pinterest for Business Image Specifications

Image Source

  • Images that are repinned the most are ones with 30% whitespace.

I hope these statistics give you a fair idea on how to create your Pinterest images.

Pinterest for Business Tip #9: Write Text that will Increase your Click through Rate:

The image you use certainly helps you in getting repins, but your text decides if people can see your pins or not. Like I said above, what you write is important on Pinterest. It helps you rank and helps you get site visits.

Here’s what you need to remember:

  • Search for the right keywords before you start writing. Long tail keywords work well. Like I’ve said a lot of times above, think of Pinterest SEO and search engine SEO.

Pinterest for Business keyword search

Image via Pinterest

You can search for long tail keywords on Pinterest itself by just typing your keywords in the search bar.

  • Add link and call to action while writing your description.

Pinterest for Business Tip #10: Linking Pinterest Images:

Have you come across some amazing Pinterest images with no links? For example, here is one:

pinterest for business

Image via Pinterest

Now, even if you want to check out their other images from this author, you cannot!

When you pin an image to Pinterest from your site, the link gets added automatically.

However, when you add a pin from the Pinterest platform, you need to add a link to the image.

Pinterest for Business

Image via Pinterest

Because adding a link is optional, some people might ignore it. That would be a huge mistake though if you can connect your image to your website. So, please don’t forget this one.

Pinterest for Business Tip #11: Wisely use Pinterest Ads:

A quick heads up before you go ahead and learn about Pinterest ads:

  • Pinterest ads can be only created with business accounts. (Read point 2 above if you don’t have a business account)
  • Pinterest ads are only available in following countries for now: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States.

If you qualify the above conditions, you can begin creating your Pinterest ads from Pinterest ads manager. These are the following ad options available with Pinterest ads:

Pinterest for Business Promoted Pins

Image via Pinterest

According to Pinterest data, advertisers get 20% more organic clicks after launching a Pinterest ad campaign. That makes Pinterest ads really worthy and useful.

For Carnival Cruise Line, Pinterest ads increased click-through rate by 14% and lowered cost-per-click by 71%.  This is what their Associated Director had to say about Pinterest ads:

Pinterest for Business Promoted Pins

Image via Pinterest

If you’re in one of the regions that support Pinterest ads, you must give promoted pins a try.

Pinterest for Business Tip #12: Analyze your Pinterest Analytics:

Pinterest for Business

Image Source

Just like focusing on Twitter analytics or Facebook analytics helps you build the right marketing strategy. Focusing on Pinterest analytics will help you learn what pins or boards perform best. You will also know what demographics are more interested in your pins and you can target better.

Pinterest for Business Analytics

Image via Pinterest

A fashion brand Reiss learned through their analytics that their menswear content performed better. Knowing this they retargeted their marketing strategy towards men. As a response, their menswear engagement increased by 47%.

Pinterest for Business Tip #13: Create collaborated Pinterest boards:

Group boards are how you collaborate with other influencers and similar accounts on Pinterest. Though the concept is similar to Facebook groups, how the Pinterest board is used is slightly different. Here’s an example:

Pinterest for Business Group Boards

Image via Pinterest

The number of collaborators on the board gives you an idea if it’s a group board or not. There are several benefits of Pinterest boards:

  • Increase exposure of your Pinterest profile and grow your followers.
  • Increase engagement and get more repins.

Pinterest for Business Tip #14: Follow Pinterest Trends:

If you keep yourself updated with the latest social media trends, you know it gets easier to market. Similarly, if you follow Pinterest trends, you make your content more popular and increase repins.

Here are some tips on how to follow Pinterest trends and post amazing content:

  • Post on topics that people love to pin:

Have a look at this research:

pinterest for business

Image Source

You should try to see if you can have your topics around these content to get maximum exposure and repins.

  • Maybe create your pins around festivals, a day of the week, or seasons. For example:

Saturday could be more about holiday ideas, weekend ideas, brunch ideas as that’s what people are looking for.

Monday could be more around motivation, an inspiration to boost people for the week ahead.

Pinterest for Business Tip #15: Don’t forget to Repin

Should you only add your own content or repin other people’s content?

80% of pins you see on Pinterest are repins. So why do you thinking businesses are repining content that’s not theirs?

Simple. To make their Pinterest boards more valuable. If you come across content that can make your Pinterest more meaningful to your audience, go ahead and pin it.

Another simple human benefit of repinning?

Pinterest for Business

Image Source

Pinterest for Business Tip #16: Shopify, BigCommerce merchant? Try Buyable Pins

Buyable pins allow in-stream purchasing on Pinterest! That is your customers can shop on Pinterest without ever leaving Pinterest or entering your site.

All buyable pins come with a Buy It button at the top making it easy to shop. With 55% of Pinterest users shopping on the Pinterest site itself, makes it 4 times the conversions on other platforms. 

Pinterest for Business buyable pins

Image Source

This feature is currently only available to Shopify, BigCommerce, and Salesforce merchants. And they must leverage it to make the most of their e-commerce sites.

Pinterest for Business Tip #17: Add sections to your Pinterest Boards:

One design change that Pinterest has made recently is adding sections to Pinterest boards.

Pinterest for Business

Image via Pinterest

It’s easy to add sections and it helps your board look more organized. So, rather than having multiple boards, now you can divide boards into sections and make your Pinterest more aesthetic.

Remember how people love Pinterest for its aesthetic and interface!

Pinterest for Business Tip #18: Promote with Cinematic Pins:

You must have heard of promoting image pins and video pins on Pinterest. There are also cinematic pins. Cinematic pins are little different. And fun.

Cinematic pins are the videos that keep playing as long as the user scrolls. As soon as the user stops scrolling, the video stops playing.

To learn more about cinematic pins, check out this video.

If you love to create engaging videos for your business, you have to try cinematic pin ads.

Pinterest for Business Tip #19: Use Hashtags on Pinterest (unlike other hashtags):

Using hashtags on Pinterest is slightly tricky. It doesn’t work exactly as on other social accounts.

To know more about how hashtags are used on other social media accounts, check out this infographic.

On other social accounts, when you look for a hashtag, the latest and most popular posts with that hashtag show up.

It doesn’t work the same way on Pinterest. Here’s an excerpt from Pinterest to explain you better:

Pinterest for Business hahtags how to use

Image Source

Since last year, Pinterest has allowed pinners to add a maximum of 20 hashtags per post. However, since you can only write 300 characters per description, it’s best to use 4-6 hashtags.

A reason to use at least 4 hashtags per description is that Pinterest displays top 4 hashtags in the feed. Check this out:

Pinterest for Business

Image via Pinterest

As adding a lot of hashtags can take people away from your content, use optimum hashtags based on your content.

Pinterest for Business Tip #20: Use smart Pinterest tools:

If you’re too busy to grow your Pinterest accounts or find Pinterest analytics insufficient, here are two tools that you can try:

  • Tailwind: Tailwind will make Pinterest management damn easy for you. It will facilitate bulk uploading, automatic optimization, and deep analytics.
  • Pinvolve: In simple words, Pinvolve will automatically sync your Facebook and Pinterest. If you have an established follower base on Pinterest, this tool will make it easier for you to grow your Pinterest account.

Thank you for staying put for this long. That’s an end to our 20 special tips to make your Pinterest business accounts successful.

Bidding Adieu:

The 20 smart ways on Pinterest for business list literally covers everything you need to know. I have made sure you have everything before you go ahead and grow your Pinterest account.

If you’re stuck anywhere or have anything to share, feel free to add your comments below. Did you like the article? I would love to know your thoughts below.

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