Tag People in Instagram Videos Now, Latest Instagram Update!

tag people in Instagram videos

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Instagram today rolled out their new feature where you could tag people in Instagram videos. So whether you want to tag your friends or brands, now it’s a one-click process.

Isn’t this really amazing? There were tweets and signs of Instagram testing tagging on Instagram videos. This tweet is from June that mentions Instagram testing tagging in videos.

tag people in Instagram videos

Image Source: Twitter

But the final rollout happened on 9th September 2018. The rollout hasn’t happened worldwide yet and isn’t working on all the devices, but it is there for sure.

Here are screenshots of how tagging people on Instagram videos looks like:

tag people in Instagram videos

Image Source: Instagram

The tagged person sign on any video indicates that the Instagram video has been tagged.

tag people in Instagram videos

Image Source: Instagram

Instagram also shows View Tagged People message in the video to indicate that there are tagged people in the Instagram video.

You can click on View Tagged People to see people tagged in the video.

tag people in Instagram videos

Image Source: Instagram

The process to tag people in Instagram videos is very simple. When you’re ready to post the video, you will see the option to tag people. Just tag your friends and other Instagram accounts

This feature is going to be quite useful for brands and Instagram influencers to tag each other and make collaborations more meaningful.

It’s also going to be widely used by friends to make more fun videos on Instagram and tag each other.

There’s no news from Instagram yet if this feature has been rolled out worldwide, but an Instagram app upgrade could confirm that to you.

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