Instagram Payments: Taking Shoppable Instagram one-step further!

It would be unwise to think that Instagram would delay leveraging the trillion dollar e-commerce industry. Launching Instagram payments is one of the most crucial steps for Instagram in their journey of shoppable Instagram.

What is Instagram Payments?

Instagram payment is Instagram enabling purchasing products and services on the Instagram app itself.

Last year, we saw Instagram rolling out shoppable tags and in-stream payments for Shopify merchants. With Instagram shoppable tags, users were taken out of the app to the e-commerce site to complete the payment. However, with Shopify and Instagram integration, it was clear that Instagram is going to make a better use of their resources.

Instagram Payments

The reason it was expected for Instagram to roll out Instagram payments is primarily that of how Instagram is designed. The app has always worked on improving the app experience and limiting additional links or browsing out of the app.

Other than Instagram’s direct attempts to bring in e-commerce, we have also seen the power of Instagram in promoting products and services. Even the rise of Instragrammable products can’t go unnoticed. (Instagrammable products are the products designed especially to increase engagement and popularity on Instagram.)

To give an example: Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino earned more than 150k posts on Instagram because of its highly loved colors and layers that completely go with the feel of Instagram.

Instagram Payments

Hence, to aid e-commerce, launching Instagram payments seems to work in best interest of everyone – Instagrammers, businesses, and the app founders!

What exactly is supported by Instagram Payments?

TechCrunch reports that an Instagram spokesperson has confirmed that Instagram is already testing in-app purchases with some of their partners.

The feature is basic as of now and mostly limited to booking salon appointments, hotel reservation, and movie tickets.

Instagram Payments

This feature with Instagram payments makes reservations and booking incredibly easy for everyone. 

Now, when you come across a salon or restaurant that you love, you don’t have to check out their website or call to make reservations, this one-click booking will save you all.

Considering the innumerable small businesses trying to grow on Instagram, Instagram payments is going to make shopping a better experience. It will give users more liberty and options in terms of making their everyday shopping and booking decisions.

Mostly tested in the US and UK now, this feature is certainly desired by businesses worldwide.

As a heads up, businesses and people trying to earn off Instagram, it’s high time to grow your Instagram business accounts faster.

If you take our advice, we suggest you to begin automating your Instagram and see your account grow while you focus on your business.

Over to you!

I know you all are very excited to make your first reservation on Instagram, me too! Instagram payments look promising and useful. Hold tight while you see how different businesses make use of Instagram payments.

Meanwhile, if you have any interesting comment, information, or questions related to this topic, just comment below. I would be happy to know your views on it.

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