Instagram Marketing: Get Organic Followers with 5 Smart Steps!

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Welcome to the most colorful and creative social media platform. And, an absolute favorite – Instagram Marketing! It’s so much fun that it will almost become an addiction. You will be certainly glued to your screen waiting for the immediate response. When I say immediate, do you want to know how immediate? A minute! If you are absolutely new to Instagram, that’s all you need to know how good your Instagram post is. If it is taking more than few minutes to get a single response, you might want to archive it and just ignore it ever happened!

Am I being overly critical? No! That’s just how Instagram works. If you want to learn Instagram Marketing, you need to understand how Instagram works.

So, let’s just say that I posted an amazing picture of my resort in the Bahamas. I add popular hashtags like #travel, #holiday, #Bahamas, #wanderlust, #etc. Then just 5 seconds later, I go and search for #travel to see where my picture is. Can you take a guess where that picture is in #travel? It’s on the 30th row! Calculate how many pictures were posted with the same hashtag in 5 seconds.

How do you cope up with the speed and stay in the game? How do you go from 0 followers to 10k followers in a few months? Without paying.

Follow these steps to increase your Instagram followers:

Step 1: Use deeper hashtags

Most of the blogs recommend that you find out the most trending hashtags in your niche and use them in your post. That’s step 1 of course. But, guess what, that’s not enough. Like I explained above, everyone is using the popular hashtags and you won’t even know where your post is lost.

So, you need to use deeper hashtags. What do I mean by that?

I will explain it to you with few examples here:

  • Kevin is a baker. With his every picture, he will use #cake, #cakeporn, #birthdaycake, #cakeoftheday etc. But, every single person who has uploaded a cake picture has these hashtags. How does Kevin keep his picture on the top of the cake and related hashtags for more time? He adds hashtags that are more specific to his picture and business.For example, he could add #howtocakeit, #bakingvideo, #homebaker, #egglesscake, #cakedecor, #cakestyle.These hashtags will help Kevin target a more specific audience.


Image via Instagram

  • Kush is into selling wines. He’s using #wine, #winetasting, #winestagram. But, can he position himself better? Yes, he can also use #romantic, #freedom, #redwine, #whitewine, #drinkup, etc.


Image via Instagram

I hope you get the point. The point is to leverage the freedom of unlimited hashtags and choose which hashtags can define your business not just superficially but to the finest details.

How to know what hashtags can you add?

Keep looking at all the top posts in your main hashtags. Look at the hashtags they are using, make a list of specialized hashtags and use them. Look at all the hashtags related to those hashtags and see if you can narrow it down.

Add them all in your post. Don’t be hesitant to limit yourself to two or three hashtags. No one judges you on hashtag number on Instagram. So, feel free to use 7-8 hashtags or more to better define your picture.

Important tip: If you are new to Instagram, add #follow4follow, #follow4follow, #like4follow and similar hashtags to get followers fast.

Step 2: Understand the power of Instagram Stories

What a brilliant way for a brand to position themselves. Your Instagram story is going to be at the top of your follower’s profile for 24 hours. Could you get a better place to put your products out for that long for free? No. So, you must make the best use of Instagram stories. Make videos with good lighting, add hashtags, write something sensible/funny, and just hit OK!

instgram stories instagram marketing

Image via Instagram

Step 3: Be wise while selecting your pictures

how to do instagram marketingUnless you are already a celebrity on Instagram, a poor quality picture is not going to get you any response. It’s okay if it’s your personal profile. But, if it’s your business profile, you have to take it much more seriously. Your quality of picture matters. The colors of your picture matter. If you can’t find your own picture in the hashtags, you clearly need your pictures to be more attractive. Your picture has to speak louder than a thousand words, can you do it?

Step 4: Follow. Tag. Repeat

You don’t hate your competitors and similar brands on Instagram. You like them. Not just that, you also follow them, comment on their pictures, tag them, and repost them. You follow the experts in your niche. This shows the passion you have for your work and followers know your friendly competitive spirit. By commenting on their pictures, you are also making yourself visible to people who follow them. And, secretly you are just learning what experts are up to. How are their Instagram stories different? What can you take?

Step 5: Remember that Instagram is a place for happy people

People who are on Instagram are the people who like to see and show the brighter side of life. Like in other social media platforms where people are analyzing both sides of the coin and there are debates everywhere, Instagram is for happy people. Remember this irrespective of your business model. Your posts should have the creativity that people are looking for on Instagram. Your pictures should be hopeful, and if possible then something magical!

Don’t believe that Instagram is a place for happy people? Compare the images below.

how to do instagram marketinghow to do instagram marketing

Image via Instagram

In conclusion, these are all free & easy tips you can follow to head start your Instagram Marketing.  You can make a good base on Instagram without ads or influencers to market you. Paid Instagram Marketing is a topic for another time. Try getting your organic followers first. And, no matter how tempting it is, avoid clicking on ads and sites that give you free followers. I won’t stress more on this. Also, note that you add your website/offer link in your bio and in your pictures! You definitely don’t want to miss it. I know these 5 tips have made you are a smart marketer now!

If this article helps you in increasing your fan base on Instagram, let us know by commenting on this blog. And, if you have any doubts, you know what can you do, comment and we will be back with our most intelligent answers. Good luck!

Harshita Agrawal

I started as a Freelancer with small projects only to learn that I was capable of so much more. I underestimated myself for long till my clients enjoyed my work as much as I did. Now, I want to share some of the proven tips & tricks of the online marketing world that helped me grow. I hope they help you too.

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