How to Unblock Someone who Blocked you on Instagram (No third-party App)

A lot of people will agree that it’s not possible for two accounts to block or unblock each other on Instagram. Let me tell you, it’s possible for two accounts to block each other at the same time. And, it’s also possible for two Instagram accounts to unblock each other at the same time. 

We perform several actions on social media that we regret later. The best part about social media is that you can undo your actions unless they are viral already. Blocking someone is one such action. In haste or anger, we block people that we want to follow again, and we are stuck if they have blocked us too by then. 

Anyway, don’t worry, I have seen a lot of cumbersome tips on the Internet on how to unblock someone who blocked you on Instagram. All of them are either not working anymore or are not worth your time. And, then I tried experimenting, and I was really surprised that the process is so easy. Let’s go through all the block-unblock process below. 

Remember to go through the Instagram follow/unfollow limits if you do it way too often.

How to Block Someone Who has already Blocked you on Instagram?

If you’re blocked by someone on Instagram, you can know that by visiting their profile. If you previously followed the account, now it will look different as you can’t see anything when you open their profile. Their account will be shown as a blank screen. Here’s an example:

block someone who blocked you on Instagram

Despite not seeing any buttons of the account that blocked you, you can still block them. 
Click on the three dots on the top left and select “Block” from the options listed. This will allow you to block the account that blocked you. 

unblock someone who blocked you on Instagram

How to Unblock Someone who has Blocked you on Instagram?

Let me quickly tell you in a few simple steps on how you can unblock someone when that person has blocked you too. For the demonstration, I blocked @harshi2391 and @esocmedia from each other’s account.

  • Search for the account by typing their Instagram handle on your search bar. You’ll still be able to look for their Instagram name on your search bar. In this case, I look for @esocmedia and I can still see it in my search bar.
  • On clicking at the account name, you will see a blank profile. However, you can still see the three dots. Now, you will get an option to “Unblock” the account that previously blocked you and you blocked them by clicking on the three dots.
unblock someone who blocked you on Instagram
  • Once you unblock the account, the other account can simply unblock you by visiting your profile and clicking on the “Unblock” button appearing on their profile page. 
unblock someone who blocked you on Instagram

That’s it! With this one-step simple process, you can unblock someone who has blocked you. I hope the process works for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you, let me know in the comments below and I will find a solution for you. 

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