How to Share Videos on Instagram? 3 simplest ways to Share and Repost

If you’re looking to share videos on Instagram, I have figured out some easy ways to do it.

Now you may either want to share an Instagram video with your friends, or on your Instagram profile, or outside Instagram.

There are different techniques for each of them. Let’s quickly look at some of the ways on how it can be done.

  1. Share Instagram Stories, IGTV Videos, Video Ads, Video Posts with Friends:

To share Instagram stories, click on the story you want to share, click on the share icon, and type the name of a friend or group you want to share the video with.

share videos on Instagram

share videos on Instagram

The same process works for sharing IGTV videos, video ads, or video posts with your Instagram friends.

share videos on Instagram share videos on Instagram

Remember no extra apps are required to share videos on Instagram with your account friends, so please don’t download any. You can even create groups and share video or photo links on them.

Just to reiterate, the process is very simple: All you have to do to share any type of video or photo is to click on the share icon.

  1. Share videos on Instagram on your Instagram Profile/ Repost:

There are many Android and iOS apps that can help you with reposting Instagram videos to your Instagram account. You can only download or repost public videos, so make sure you are only reposting videos that are public and not private.

I have made a complete list of Instagram video reposting/downloading apps here, here’s how you can use any reposting app:

  • Download an Instagram video downloader/repost app on your phone. To give you a demonstration, I have downloaded Repost for Instagram from the App Store.
  • Click on the three dots next to the video and click on Copy Link.

share videos on Instagram

  • Paste the copied link on the reposting app and click Repost to repost on your Instagram account.

share videos on Instagram

  • The app then takes you to your Instagram where you can add the desired caption and share the video.

share videos on Instagram share videos on Instagram

The process is fairly simple and takes less than 5 seconds to repost or share a video on Instagram.

  1. Share videos on Instagram to other social accounts or elsewhere:

Sharing public photos and videos on Instagram is quite simple. Once you have the link you can easily paste the link to your chats or other social accounts.

Share an Instagram video directly to Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter:

Click on the three dots of any video you want to share. You will get an option to share the video to the Facebook account, Facebook messenger, or WhatsApp. Select the preferred account and share the video.

share videos on Instagram

Share the Video outside with the Link of an Instagram Video:

Click on the three dots of any video you want to share. Copy link and paste the link anywhere outside Instagram to share the video. Remember it only works if the video you want to share has a public account.

share videos on Instagram

So, I have listed quite a lot of simple ways to share videos on Instagram. Based on how you want to share, you can pick your method.

Please note that according to Instagram’s terms of use, it’s best to let the person know when you use their content on your social media accounts.

If you’re also keen on learning how you can post photos on Instagram from your computer, check out this link.

If you’re having difficulties in coping up with Instagram unfollowers, check out this list of apps to help you track Instagram followers and unfollowers.

I hope the points above have helped. If I’ve missed something, please let me know. Any comments or questions or anything else, just write it in the comments below.

Harshita Agrawal

I started as a Freelancer with small projects only to learn that I was capable of so much more. I underestimated myself for long till my clients enjoyed my work as much as I did. Now, I want to share some of the proven tips & tricks of the online marketing world that helped me grow. I hope they help you too.

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