How Influencers get Instagram Sponsorships and Make Money on Instagram!

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If you’re an avid Instagrammer, you would be seeing influencer’s Instagram sponsorships posts and stories just about every time. These influencers make money on Instagram with every post, story, or mention they do for a brand on Instagram.

Here are a few examples of influencers are doing Instagram sponsorships and making money:

In her interview with Forbes, Danielle Bernstien, founder of We Wore That mentioned making $8,000-$20,000 per Instagram post. She has 1.8 million followers on her Instagram so you can’t even guess how much she’s making off Instagram sponsorships right now.

How to get Instagram sponsorships

In another interview with Business Insider, Elma Beganovich, a former lawyer mentioned making $20,000 per Instagram post. She has about 697k followers on her Instagram account.

How to get Instagram sponsorships

The speed at which Instagram influencers are gaining popularity and making money have left bloggers, YouTubers, Twitter influencers somewhere behind.

I know the numbers above have gotten you pretty excited to learn how you can make your first dollar with Instagram sponsorships. Let’s just say the competition is intense and brace yourself while I begin explaining from the beginning.

What kind of influencers get Instagram sponsorships?

In broad terms, there are three kinds of influencers that get paid on Instagram. Micro Influencers with followers up to 30,000; hyper-influencers with 30,000-150K followers, and macro influencers with over 150k followers.

Let’s learn about each of them and the amount they get paid for their Instagram sponsorships:

  1. Micro-influencers

How to get Instagram sponsorships

Micro influencers are arguably the best kind of influencers with their engagement rate on Instagram. Micro influencers charge between $250-$500 per Instagram sponsorship as per a research by Bloglovin.

You could have 2,000 followers or 30,000 followers and still be called an Instagram influencer if you have the power to influence people. Micro influencers are known for their ability to influence people’s decisions and hence they get Instagram sponsorships from brands.

Some micro-influencers may also promote your brand in an exchange for your product.

If you have any specific influencer in mind, you can use this free calculator to estimate any influencer’s cost. This can help you understand how much influencers in your niche are earning.

  1. Hyper-influencers

How to get Instagram sponsorships

Hyper influencers are influencers with 30,000-150,000 followers on Instagram. Known for their hyper engagement rates, hyper influencers charge as much as $250-$1,000 or more based on their follower numbers.

They have a strong connection with their follower base and are considered experts or very valuable in their fields.

If you’re trying to understand an influencer’s engagement, find their profile on Heepsy and get a detailed account of their profile.

  1. Macro Influencers

How to get Instagram sponsorships

Macro influencers are social celebrities or celebrities with Instagram followers of more than 150,000. They can charge anything from $5,000-$25,000 or more for each Instagram post or mention.

They are adored and loved and are the most famous influencers on Instagram. This is also one of the most challenging influencer statuses to reach especially if you’re starting now.

So yes, the most important step to earn on Instagram is to grow your follower base. The more genuine follower engagement you have, the higher chance of getting better pay.

How do Instagram influencers get brand sponsorship?

Once you have your followers, the next obvious step is to get brand collaborations.

Depending on how famous you’re on Instagram, you get to collaborate with brands. Some of the ways to collaborate with brands and earn Instagram sponsorships are:

  • Join Influencer platforms:

There are several influencer platforms that connect you with the right brands. Joining most of these influencer marketing tools as an influencer is free and you can just sign up and add your details.

Some of these influencers also spot fake Instagram influencers before adding them to the platform. So, if you have gained your followers through any immoral way, you can be removed.

And if you have genuine Instagram followers, join these influencer platforms and connect with brands.

  • Promote some of your favorite brands:

A lot of brands these days look for the influencers mentioning them and then begin working with them. This serves them two purposes:

Firstly, it’s easy for them to find like-minded influencers as you already enjoy their product.

Secondly, if they find the traffic you bring to them valuable, they might find more value in collaborating with you over others.

So, go ahead and go crazy in promoting the brands you enjoy.

  • Reach out to brands on their Instagram profiles:

Brands observe and reply to the Instagram DMs and comments they receive. So, if you want to get some attention, contact them on their Instagram profiles and let them know the benefit you can offer.

You can also reach out to them outside Instagram via email or their contact forms.

Tips to be a successful Instagram influencer:

Getting your first brand collaboration is going to be hard, but maintaining your Instagram profile also requires effort and hard work.

To be a successful influencer and get repeated Instagram sponsorships, remember:

  • Make sure to use Instagram business account so you can share your Instagram insights with the businesses. If you want to share detailed Instagram analytics beyond the Instagram app, you can check out some of these Instagram insights tools.
  • Keep track of your Instagram unfollowers and keep a check if you see any sudden drop or rise in your follower count.
  • Use reliable influencer platform tool in the long-run so that you are paid fairly.
  • Use the right hashtags so you reach the right audience and maximize your chance of gaining followers.
  • Cross-promote your brand collaborations to your other social channels and earn the brand’s trust.

I hope the above points will help you begin your journey as an Instagram influencer.

To wrap it up:

Growing your Instagram account can be hard and if you’re just beginning, you need to maintain your patience with your endeavors.

Do a thorough analysis of the niche and your capabilities before you go out and finalize the influencer you want to be.

Let me know your comments below. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or anything that’s stopping you from becoming a kickass Instagram influencer.

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