19 Funniest Instagram Accounts/ Meme Accounts to follow for every day Humor

I just love following the funniest Instagram accounts because they truly crack me up and make Instagram fun for me. Instagram is filled with all kinds of amazing pictures and accounts, but the Instagram meme accounts are my favorite. So, I decided to go ahead and make a list of some of the funniest Instagram accounts that everyone who enjoys humor should follow.

List of Best and Funniest Instagram Accounts:


Number of Instagram followers: 14.8M

Pubity is definitely the funniest Instagram account with a massive following of 14.8M! Also, Pubity is a private account! So, to enjoy all the fun, you will have to first send a follow request. If you also share Pubity posts with your friends, they will have to follow the account first. But, trust me, it’s going to be worth it. They have insanely funny jokes and you would not want to miss it.


Number of Instagram followers: 7.8M

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So rude 🙄 Via Twitter @ glitering

A post shared by @girl (@girl) on

One of the funniest Instagram account that’s a must for all girls on Instagram and something that guys might enjoy to. The jokes are specifically around girls, girl problems, fashion, clothing, habits, activities, and everything that a girl would enjoy. So, please ladies, follow this account.


Number of Instagram followers: 7.2M

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I wish I could relate #singleAF 🙄 (@jorgeivan2)

A post shared by Funny Memes (@funnymemes) on

Funny Memes is a collection of the funniest meme videos on social media. With an average of 450k views per Instagram post, they are hugely popular. Get ready for all kinds of videos including everyday life, pets, celebrities, and just any random thing that you might not imagine.


Number of Instagram followers: 6.5M

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💀💀💀 @bestcelebrations

A post shared by VIDEOS (@videospost.s) on

An accumulation of all the funny meme videos on the Internet, you can follow videopost.s if you enjoy short, funny videos. Watch all the stupidity of the human race with this Instagram account.


Number of Instagram followers: 3.2M

With an average view of 432K per video, @nochilllcomedy is probably the chilliest videos on the internet including humorous and awesome content. A lot of their videos cross a million views simply because they are so entertaining. Go ahead and follow them quickly.


Number of Instagram followers: 3.1M

As the name clearly indicates, Savagecomedy is one of the funniest Instagram accounts with humor that’s totally savage. The funny videos are good for people of all ages and their jokes are so apt. The collection of interesting yet silly videos will definitely make your day.


Number of Instagram followers: 2.8M

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For everyone who enjoys the humor around relationships, this Instagram account is the perfect account for you to follow. They are filled with single/married/complicated/one-sided relationship jokes that everyone would enjoy. You can also share this page with your partners to laugh together.


Number of Instagram followers: 2.4M

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Tag someone

A post shared by Accepting Now (@bitchtease) on

Exactly as the name suggests, this Instagram account has the best memes for all the witty, sassy girls. I’m actually laughing and writing because I totally love the jokes they share.


Number of Instagram followers: 2M

Another private account in our list, The Funny Introvert has the best memes for introverts and extroverts. Basically, the joke is on everyone! Mostly a collection of awesome tweets and memes, I would suggest everyone to follow this account.


Number of Instagram followers: 2M

If you want to follow an Instagram meme account that covers memes across continents and ages, then this would be your Instagram account. They have quite funny jokes with a good focus on relationships and movies.


Number of Instagram followers: 1.4M

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how much

A post shared by Poorly Drawn Lines (@poorlydrawnlines) on

A very unique and humorous page, Poorlydrawnlines is humor in the form of cartoons. The jokes are smart and witty and presented as cute animations. With an average likes of 91.5K, this page has high engagement and is thoroughly loved.


Number of Instagram followers: 1.1M

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I don’t get it? 🤔

A post shared by funny posts (@humoring) on

Are you looking for a funny Instagram account where you can keep tagging your friends? Then Humoring would be that Instagram profile with multiple “tag your friends" posts to keep you and your friends busy all day.


Number of Instagram followers: 1M

Jot.memes is a meme Instagram account with memes that you can easily relate to. As the jokes are highly relatable and close to real-life, you would enjoy them thoroughly.


Number of Instagram followers: 913K

Don’t find me biased if you see me listing way too many Instagram accounts that cater to the funniness of being a girl. I love this page and they are totally worth the follow for all the girlie jokes they manage to share.


Number of Instagram followers: 865K

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Lol hey

A post shared by @ bitchoftens on

Not too girly, but a little bitchy, this Instagram account is another on the list for all the girls to follow. The satire is on point and widely appreciated by everyone following the page.


Number of Instagram followers: 493K


A must-follow Instagram account for anyone who enjoys light and nice humor. The page has interesting comic jokes that are new and not a copy/paste of other meme accounts. You would definitely enjoy the freshness of humor with this account.


Number of Instagram followers: 435K

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At least he’s cute…

A post shared by Meg Adams (She/Her) (@artbymoga) on

A page filled with cuteness overload and extremely funny jokes in the form of stories and comics. Slightly different from memes but equally entertaining, I would really like to see this is one of the funniest Instagram accounts.


Number of Instagram followers: 230K

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Free him – easten – – #memes#funny#humor

A post shared by sandy & easten (@puncrastination) on

My apologies if I have made the dog lovers wait for too long to find a funny dog Instagram account. Puncrastination is an interesting account with a unique name and some very hilarious pet jokes. The account has a mix of all varieties of humor, but they definitely excel at pet jokes.


Number of Instagram followers: 209K

For all Marvel lovers, this page is a must-follow if you do not want to miss any Marvel memes and jokes. The page also has some cool Marvel videos that you a fan would definitely enjoy. Follow more to learn more about the page.

Not the End:

This is definitely not the end of the funniest Instagram accounts that you can follow but these are the best obviously. If you have some other funny/meme Instagram accounts to share, please let us know in the comments below!

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