10 Instagram Video Downloader/Photo Saver/Repost Apps for iOS/Android

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On a serious note:  I’m listing Instagram video downloader apps but, I’m not responsible for any intellectual property violation. Please request permission from the owner before you use the downloaded videos in any way. I am also not an affiliate for any of the apps listed below.

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Okay, okay! After a series of self-defense and self-marketing sessions, here goes everything you need to know about Instagram video downloader and reposting apps.

How to download Instagram Videos and repost videos on your Instagram?

There is no direct way in the Instagram app to download Instagram videos or photos. Similarly, Instagram has no inbuilt feature to facilitate reposting. But, there are multiple sites and apps out there offering you 1-click Instagram video downloads and reposts.

However, you don’t need reposting apps if you just wish to share an Instagram video with your friends or on other social media accounts. Read this blog if you wish to share an Instagram video with a friend or to other social apps.

As using Instagram on a desktop is not convenient, I prefer to use Instagram video downloader and reposting apps on my phone. So, what I’m going to list in this blog are Android and iOS apps that will help you to quickly repost videos.

Here we go with the list of Instagram video downloader and Instagram repost apps:

Update: I recently came across a new app, DownloadRank – Instagram Photo and
Video Downloader
, that allows you to download Instagram videos and photos by using hashtags, location or an Instagram account. You can select a maximum of 30 photos and videos at a time for simultaneous downloads.

(Please note that these apps might not work in case you try to download content from a private Instagram profile)

Instagram Video Downloader for any Device (PC/Mobile):

  1. InstaOfflline

InstaOffline is a no-ad, no-pain website to download any video or photo from Instagram in a click. You can use this site on your PC or mobile and get the work done.

Instagram video downloader apps for tools and sites

More about InstaOffline:

  • The best thing I like about using this site is that it has a clean and user-friendly interface that would download Instagram videos from any device.
  • The site is absolutely free to use and you can download unlimited photos and videos from Instagram with InstaOffline.

Instagram Video Downloader Apps, Photo Saver Apps and Repost Apps for Android:

  1. Video Downloader – For Instagram Repost App

A fabulous Android app that will make it super easy for you to grab content from Instagram, both images, and videos.

Instagram video downloader app android

More about this Instagram video downloader app:

  • Download videos and images from Instagram and save them in your gallery.
  • Copy the hashtags used in the video and add it to your post when you repost.
  • Repost the video or image on your Instagram account.
  • The app doesn’t add any watermark to your downloaded content.
  • Takes less than 5 seconds to download videos and repost them.
  • Contains a decent amount of ads and not spammy or annoying.
  • This app facilitates downloading Instagram videos without leaving the Instagram app.

You can download this app for free, so just go ahead and give it a try.

  1. Save and Repost for Instagram

Another great app to make your life easier with downloading Instagram videos is Save and Repost for Instagram. With a rating of 4.6 on Android Play Store, you can be sure that it’s worth a try.

Instagram video downloader app android

More about this Instagram video downloader app:

  • Turn on the app’s Insta save feature and automatically download all images and videos in your gallery.
  • You can download from the Instagram app itself without leaving the app.
  • Does not add any watermark or logo to downloaded videos and images.
  • Contains ads but not too many.

This app is going to make it convenient for you to take content from Instagram. However, this app does not credit the original creator when you repost, so make sure to request permission while using someone’s content.

  1. Social Video Downloader:

Extending its capabilities beyond Instagram, this app also helps you in downloading videos and photos from other social sites. If you’re someone who’s always posting content on all social sites, this app is for you.

Instagram video downloader app android

More about this Instagram video downloader app:

  • You can save Instagram stories, videos, and images with this app.
  • You can also save videos from Facebook and Twitter using this app.
  • Allows you to repost and share the content on different social sites.
  • Super powerful as you don’t need to maintain several apps and download all your content in one place.
  • Contains ads but not too many.

The free version of this app is available, so you can download and test without any hesitation.

  1. Inst Download – Photos and Videos:

Unlike the apps above, this app has more steps in comparison to downloading videos and images from Instagram.

instagram video downloader

More about this Instagram video downloader app:

  • Helps you download videos and images by copying the link from Instagram and pasting them on this app.
  • Doesn’t add watermark to the downloaded content.
  • Contains excessive ads and downsizes the video quality.

Just like other apps above, you can download this app for free as well and test if it works fine for your requirements.

  1. FastSave for Instagram:

Justifying their name completely, this app is flash fast in saving your Instagram videos and photos. Unusual to such apps, they also have a locker to save your content secretly. Interesting, isn’t?

instagram video downloader

More about this Instagram video downloader app:

  • Saves all your selected images and videos in the FastSave dashboard. You can later refer to the dashboard to save videos to your gallery or repost them.
  • They have a secret locker to keep your content even safer.
  • The app has too many ads and might crash at times.

Yes, I have only listed free apps for Instagram, so you can please try these apps (starting from the first) and see which serves well.

Instagram Video Downloader/Image Downloader and Repost Apps for iOS:

Unlike Android, iOS has limited apps to download Instagram videos and photos. And there are hardly any apps available for free, so if you’re an iPhone user, you might have to purchase apps to download Instagram videos.

Here are 4 iOS apps to download Instagram videos:

  1. Repost for Instagram – Photo Video

This is probably the only app I could find that you can install on iPhone for free to download videos and images.

instagram video downloader app store 1

More about this Instagram video downloader app:

  • You can directly share videos and images that you like on Instagram to Facebook and Twitter with this app.
  • The app is very easy to use and adds no watermark to the downloaded content.
  • Contains ads.
  1. SaveIG – Save Picture and Video from Instagram

An app for $0.99, this one adds a SaveIG widget to your phone making it really simple to download videos and images.

instagram video downloader app store 1

 More about this Instagram video downloader app:

  • You can download videos and images either through the iOS widget or through the SaveIG app with this app.
  • The app is really clean to use with a simple interface making it one of the best choices for Apple users.
  1. InsSave – Download & Save Photos & Videos from Instagram with ease!

Another app for $0.99, this app looks worth it if you’re constantly looking to download content from Instagram.

instagram video downloader app store 1

More about this Instagram video downloader app:

  • Paste the link from the Instagram app to this app and you can download your images and videos.
  • It’s a lightweight app that works with downloading images and videos. The app might crash at times while you try to download videos. Does the work though.
  1. Save Pro for Instagram:

For less than $2, this app enables you to download images and videos from Instagram in your gallery.

instagram video downloader app store 1

More about this Instagram video downloader app:

  • Copy the image or video URL and paste it into this app to download content.
  • This app also adds the content credit to image or video.
  • Even though it’s a paid app, it still contains ad images.

That’s it! That’s the list to help you download content from Instagram. I hope this list helps you find that one app that you can use for your everyday Instagram video downloading and reposting.

If you’ve any questions, please write them in the comments below and I will get back to you.

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