7 Bulk/Mass Unfollow on Instagram Apps iOS/Android Review 2019

Do you wish to clean up your Instagram account by mass unfollowing Instagram accounts? There are several good mass Instagram unfollowers apps that make it easy for you to get rid of unnecessary posts from your Instagram feed.

But, before you go ahead and try mass unfollow on Instagram using any of the apps I mention below, make sure to do not involve yourself in aggressive unfollowing. Aggressive unfollowing goes against Instagram rules and their algorithm will prevent any unfollowing from your account if you cross the limit.

What’s the Instagram Unfollow Limit per Day?

Instagram unfollow limit varies for new and old Instagram accounts.

For accounts that are more than 6 months old, Instagram mass unfollow limit is 2000 per day with a gap of 12-22 seconds between each unfollow. For accounts that are less than 6 months old, unfollow limit is 500 per day with a gap of 36-48 seconds per day. Per hour limit is between 60-200 accounts.

Learn more about Instagram follow/unfollow limits here.

Mass Unfollow on Instagram iOS Apps:

mass unfollow Instagram apps iOS Android

Making Instagram management efficient and easy, this app is perfect to mass unfollow, bulk delete, or bulk unlike posts.

The app has an in-built of 200 unfollows per hour making it easier for you to comply with Instagram rules and not get punished. They also list all the ghost followers so you can easily unfollow them in a click.

Just like all other apps, this app is not free of ads too. However, to remove ads and get unlimited unfollow option; you have to pay a price of $2 which you should only buy if it’s required by you.

mass unfollow Instagram apps iOS Android

Find those Instagram accounts that are not following back, you can unfollow them in a click with this app.  Apart from accounts that don’t follow back, this app also lists your ghost followers, active followers, fans, and friends.

This app is good if you wish to reorganize all your Instagram followers and only follow accounts that you actually like or are friends with.

mass unfollow Instagram apps iOS Android

With a clean and easy-to-use interface, this app is one of the highly rated apps on the App store for mass unfollow on Instagram.

This app makes mass Instagram unfollowers easy and free with a click. It gives you your followers who don’t follow back, Instagram admirers, recent unfollowers, and fan followers.

If you wish to get rid of ads, they have subscription prices starting from $2.99 per week.

Mass Unfollow on Instagram Android Apps:

mass unfollow Instagram apps iOS Android

Highly rated by other Android users, Unfollow Gram is a convenient app to mass unfollow Instagram followers. They let you unfollow not more than 50 users at a time. They also make sure that if you’re unfollowing more accounts than permitted by Instagram, your accounts will stay followed. Thus, keeping your unfollow limits strictly in check.

With their basic version, you can add up to 3 Instagram accounts. This is probably the only app that offers this feature of managing multiple Instagram accounts. Other than unfollow accounts, you can also track your fans and followers with this app.

Sign up for their paid plan if you’re looking for an ad-free experience.

mass unfollow Instagram apps iOS Android

A new app introduced in the play store, Turbo unfollow also lets you bulk/mass unfollow Instagram followers. The app can unfollow up to thousands of accounts at a time hence, making mass unfollowing extremely convenient.

Other than unfollow, you can also block spam accounts using this app. Analyze your fans and followers with the app’s data and charts.

mass unfollow Instagram apps iOS Android

Unfollow users is definitely the simplest app out there to mass unfollow Instagram followers. With just one functionality, this app doesn’t confuse at all and they are good at what they do.

The app allows you to unfollow up to 10 users at a time and hence, you can easily go through the follower list and keep hitting unfollow while scanning your list.

The app does have ads, but it’s a completely free app and serves the purpose of fast unfollowing Instagram accounts.

mass unfollow Instagram apps iOS Android

Unfollow multiple users with just selecting them using this app and unfollowing them. It’s easy to use bulk/mass unfollow Instagram followers app with an option to unfollow unlimited users.

The app also shows your top likes, top commenters, ghost followers, and ghost shoutouts. It has a very clean and user-friendly interface to make unfollowing easier for you.

Using Mass Unfollow on Instagram Apps:

Like I stated before, make sure to stay within Instagram limits while you’re unfollowing accounts. Because no apps can take responsibility for your Instagram account if you engage in aggressive followings/unfollowings.

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