15 Lifestyle Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow in 2020!

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Lifestyle Instagram accounts are becoming crazy popular every day with more people joining Instagram. And aren’t such profiles the main reason why we enjoy Instagram?

We really LOVE to see these lifestyle Instagram accounts and the kind of life people are having in different parts of the world.

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To help you update yourself with the coolest and nicest lifestyle Instagram accounts of 2020, here’s my list.

Here’s our list of Lifestyle Instagram Accounts or Lifestyle Influencers:

  1. Janni Olsson Deler (@jannid)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Janni is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and an Instagram sweetheart.

She has 1.3M followers on Instagram and 307k subscribers on YouTube. Her Instagram pictures and videos are quite fun and filled with beautiful places.

Check out her Instagram account for more! And, don’t you forget to follow her!

  1. FullyRawKristina (@fullyrawkristina)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Kristina is a healthy lifestyle Instagram influencer. Her colorful and healthy Instagram account is going to make you go all awwie and wowie.

No wonder she has more than a million followers on her Instagram.

She’s also a YouTuber and has a food and recipe app. Pretty cool, right? Follow her for more!

  1. Oliver Proudlock (@proudlock)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Oliver Proudlock is a designer and lifestyle Instagram influencer. He’s also into fitness and travel.

You look at his Instagram account and you know you have one super cool person out there. He’s much loved on Instagram with 720k followers!

Yea! Follow him to know why!

  1. Brunch Boys – NYC (@brunchboys)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

As the name suggests, Brunch boys are food and lifestyle Instagram influencers.

Going all over the world eating, they do have an uber delicious Instagram account. Their food pictures have given them 450k Instagram followers so far!

If you love food too, you know who to follow.

  1. Naima Barcelona (@instanaimabarcelona)

Naima is a creative freelancer turned lifestyle influencer. She surely has one of the most natural Instagram accounts with more than 355k followers.

She’s more a fashion lifestyle Instagram influencer if that gets you interested.

Have a look at her Instagram account for more!

  1. Jay Caesar (@jaylifeandstyle)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Collaborating with brands like Armani and Grey Goose, Jay Caesar has an Instagram account with luxury oozing out of everywhere.

He’s more like a fashion lifestyle influencer with more than 243k Instagram followers.

Follow his Instagram account to learn some more!

  1. Larissa Dsa (@larissa_wlc)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

With a super high engagement rate on her Instagram profile, Larissa Dsa is a favorite. She’s a travel and lifestyle Instagram influencer with a bright and colorful account.

Her travel stories has got her 218k followers so far and I see the number growing exponentially.

Her fans love her a lot! Like really! Have a look at her Instagram account and you will know why I’m saying what I’m saying.

  1. Jessie Chanes (@jessiekass)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Jessie here is a fashion, maternity, and food lifestyle blogger. She has some nice and sophisticated pictures on her Instagram bringing her 258k followers.

If you’re looking for a lifestyle Instagram account with a mommy influencer, she’s the one.

Check out her account and follow her to know for yourself how amazing she is.

  1. Louis-Nicolas Darbon (@louisnicolasdarbon)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Louis has this luxurious fashionable Instagram account and he’s our top pick for male fashion Instagrammer.

Instagrammers love his style too bringing him 203k Instagram followers so far. FYI, he’s actually an artist by profession, which makes his Instagram account even better.

Follow him to know why he’s awesome.

  1. Laura Noltemeyer (@designdschungel)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Laura is a German-based lifestyle blogger with her Instagram filled with her travel stories.

Her Instagram account has some natural pictures that every girl can relate to. This brings her 174k followers and counting.

Check out her profile if you love to follow fashion influencers.

  1. Gloria Molares (@atacadas)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Gloria is a ballet dancer and her Instagram profile is all about dance and healthy food. This also makes a sports and health lifestyle influencer.

She also posts her dance videos on Instagram that’s gotten her 103k Instagram followers so far.

If you’re willing to follow an amazing ballet Instagram influencer, she is the one!

  1. Aina Simon (@aina.simon)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Aina is a Barcelona based fashion and lifestyle influencer. Her Instagram account has her travel stories from Europe and fashion tips.

Aina has gained around 95k Instagram followers. Follow her now to know what makes her different!

  1. Vivir Con Gusto (@vivircongusto)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Vivir is a mommy influencer and a lifestyle Instagrammer. She has some gorgeous and extraordinary baby pictures on her Instagram.

Vivir has 79K Instagram followers and she also has a YouTube channel. If you’re looking for a mommy lifestyle influencer, we are vouching for her.

  1. Casilda Finat MC (@casildafinatmc)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Collaborating with dozens of luxury fashion brands, Casilda is a fashion lifestyle influencer. You find her exhibiting a huge range of clothes and jewelry suggestion on her Instagram page.

So far, Casilda has 75k followers on her Instagram account. She also sells jewelry pieces online.

Check out her Instagram account to learn more about her.

  1. Emily De Ayuso (@emily_ayuso)

lifestyle Instagram influencer

Emily is another fashion and beauty lifestyle influencer on Instagram. With over 52k followers, she has a good engagement rate with her followers.

Follow her on Instagram and find out more about her account!

That’s it!

That’s our pick of Lifestyle Instagram influencers that you should follow right away.

Have we missed anyone? Let us know in the comments?

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Do you have any influencer marketing questions? Let us know of that too in the comments below.

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