10 Instagram Insights Tools to Track Instagram Analytics in 2019!

Instagram insights 2018

You can easily double your Instagram performance just by using the right Instagram insights tools.

As Instagram has become a core aspect of modern marketing, it’s important you make the most out of it. I hear most of the small businesses creating an entire marketing strategy around Instagram. And, this makes me wonder how the right implementation of Instagram strategies can help businesses grow.

I have always emphasized the importance of using analytics tools, be it Instagram or Twitter.

The first thing that comes to mind when we mention Instagram insights is Instagram’s native insights. Instagram’s native insights give you a general idea on your profile, but it’s still very basic.

If you want a more detailed analysis of how your hashtags or posts are performing, I suggest you try some of the tools below along with Instagram insights.

With the recent API changes, some Instagram analytics tools have shut down. The tools listed below are still working despite all algorithm changes so you can trust them. If you’re also interested in the latest apps to monitor Instagram unfollowers and followers, read this.

Some of the tools are free while some others offer more features at a monthly price. Based on your requirements, you can pick the perfect Instagram analytics tool for yourself.

Instagram insights tools to track Instagram analytics that work in 2019:

  1. Instagram Insights:

Instagram insights 2018

Just like religious people do not begin their day without prayers, I cannot begin the list without the necessary.

Instagram insights is the native analytics provided by Instagram. You can only access Instagram insights if you have an Instagram business account.

It definitely gives you the most valuable Instagram analytics in the simplest dashboard. You can track how your account is growing and best optimization times. Also, most of the Instagram analytics tools do not offer audience demographic reports, but native Instagram insights does.

Instagram insights offer the following analytics data:

  • Profile visits, reach, and impressions.
  • Instagram post performance and story performance.
  • Followers’ growth and engagement.
  • Audience segmentation by age, geography, and gender.
  1. Union Metrics:

Instagram insights 2018

Union metrics helps you generate a free Instagram insights report. They provide actionable insights that you need to remember while creating your next posts. Here’s a screenshot:

As you can see here, it clearly states your top-performing time, hashtags, and post frequency.

To sum up, this is the Instagram analytics you get from Union Metrics:

  • Average post types.
  • Best times to post.
  • Top hashtags.
  • Top performing posts.
  1. SquareLovin

Instagram insights 2018

Squarelovin is another free Instagram insights report that covers various aspects of your Instagram profile. It’s also a good summary of your Instagram account.

The Instagram analytics provided by Squarelovin are:

  • Monthly analytics: Instagram monthly growth along with most liked and commented photos.
  • Post analytics: Post type, date, time, and filters used.
  • Engagement analytics: Average likes and comments per post.
  • Instagram Optimization: Best time and filter performance.
  1. Pixlee

Instagram insights 2018

Pixlee gives you weekly Instagram insights so you can see how your posts are performing by week.

You can also track hashtag for your brand to see who’s mentioning your brand.

Pixelee offers the following Instagram analytics data on its dashboard:

  • Total posts for your hashtag and top posts.
  • Top brands post and post-performance.
  1. Socialbakers

Instagram insights 2018

Socialbakers covers promoted Instagram post and organic post statistics, unlike other tools. So, if you use sponsored Instagram post, Socialbakers is your tool.

Socialbakers provides the following Instagram analytics:

  • Overall Instagram report: Follower distribution, content distribution, and engagement distribution.
  • Promoted and organic post performance.
  • Instagram stories insights.
  1. Later

Instagram insights 2018

Later is a complete Instagram management tool. They offer basic Instagram analytics in their free plan and pro analytics in the paid plan.

Later pro plan provides the following Instagram insights:

  • Performance of Instagram posts.
  • Detailed account performance: followers’ growth and engagement data.
  • Account visits and clicks to linkin.bio. Linkin.bio is Later’s shoppable Instagram
  1. JustMetrics

Instagram insights 2018

JustMetrics is another paid tool at $9/month to get detailed Instagram analytics. They cover Instagram insights to optimize your Instagram account performance.

JustMetrics offers the following Instagram analysis:

  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Top hashtags, posts, comments, and filters.
  • Track Instagram followers.
  • Track competitor accounts.
  1. Minter.io

Instagram insights 2018

Minter.io is another paid Instagram Insights tool starting at $9/month. Also, it’s the most comprehensive tool on our list. They offer far more data and insights than offered by other tools.

Minter.io offers the following Instagram analytics data:

  • Instagram’s follower growth including gender and geography of followers.
  • Instagram post performance and post interaction rate.
  • Instagram stories analytics to track stories’ performance.
  • Best posting time, day, hashtag, and clicks.
  1. Owlmetrics

Instagram insights 2018

Owlmetrics is launching this week and is a complete Instagram analytics platform. They are also a paid tool with their pricing starting from $25/month.

Owlmetrics offers the following Instagram insights capability:

  • Audience following, unfollowing, gender distribution, geo-distribution.
  • Best performing hashtags and posts.
  • Add a trackable link in the Instagram bio.
    1. Crowdbabble

Instagram insights 2018

Crowdbabble is a complete analytics platform that offers social media analytics for all social media platforms. Their prices start at $49/month in which they offer Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn analytics.

Crowdbabble offers the following features in Instagram insights:

  • Track multiple accounts in a single dashboard.
  • Track your follower engagement, follower growth, and account performance.
  • Learn post performance by impressions, reach, and geographies.
  • Data to run Instagram optimization.

Wrapping Up Our List:

I hope the list above will help you in finding your perfect Instagram analytics tool. Experiment and see which one provides you with the data you need to grow your Instagram account.

If you have any questions, doubts, points to add, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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