10 Free iOS/Android Instagram Photo Editor & Video Editing Apps

Instagram photo editor and video editing apps
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You must have heard “ A picture is worth a thousand words." Imagine the worth of multiple photos clubbed together with cool background music and eye-catching texts! With great editing, you can make the video worth a million. Things you can do with apps these days are incredible. Start discovering your potential and see what you can do with below-listed photo editor and video editing apps.

5 Must Have Video Editing Apps for iOS and Android:



  • Boomerang is one of the most popular Instagram video app that allows you to create short videos that loop back and forth.
  • The app shoots bursts of 10 photos and makes them into a looping mini video.


  • The app only makes boomerangs.
  • Normal editing or compiling of videos is not an option.



  • The app offers a very unique way to make videos. One can enact on the soundtracks provided by the app and make interesting engaging videos.
  • One can brush up on their acting and dubbing skills with the help of this app.


  • When you select the background for your video, the music automatically starts playing. Even when it is not required, there is no option to mute the audio.
  • Time limit per video is only 15 seconds.



  • FilmoraGo is a brilliant video editing app for your Instagram. Users can easily use this app to make amazing videos, add animated texts, add soundtrack and control the speed.
  • Leaves no watermark and no time limit per video.


  • The file is exported in 720p and not 1080p(which is generally required)
  • In-app purchases



  • Making Instagram video editing super easy, VivaVideo has a Pro mode and a Quick mode for editing videos.
  • You can either choose to quickly put together a montage, or go into the tiniest details of each frame, based on your preferences and chrono-resources.


  • Frequent adds while exploring the app.



  • The frame size of the edited picture can be set according to different apps. 1:1 for Instagram, 4:5 for Instagram story, 16:9 for YouTube and 9:16 for IGTV.
  • The user interface is great for video editing and can be perfectly used on desktops as well.


  • Frequent Advertisements.
  • In app purchases.

5 Best Free Android/iOS Photo Editing Apps :

“One should always write without fear, and edit without mercy."

A good photograph when edited, leaves an impression. People thrive on editing these days and are discovering their potential with such editing apps. You would surely want to try the below-mentioned photo editing apps since they are easy and extremely convenient to use.



  • Beauty Plus is a customer-friendly photo editing app to make your pictures better for Instagram.
  • The app lets users do everything from smooth out their skin, hide acne, change their eye color, stretch or thin a body part and add filters.
  • The filters are great for users who prefer natural looks.


  • Camera of the app automatically applies a lot of filters and doesn’t allow the picture to be natural.



  • A photo editing app by Google, Snapseed is well equipped with enhancing colors tool that will help you in making your product photos, landscapes, and selfies really attractive.
  • It has a tool that can remove people or objects from your picture that are unwanted.


  • It doesn’t auto save. Users will have to click Save after every editing step.



  • The app has amazing overlays.
  • Users can erase the added effect from any part within the photo.


  • The edited picture gets spots and lines on them. The picture looks a little distorted.
  • The app gets crashed from time to time.



  • This photo editing app transforms your photos into paintings like Picasso’s.


  • In-app purchases
  • There are frequent ads while exploring the app.

Adobe Photoshop Express


  • Allows to add texts on the image with several font styles and inbuilt texts like “Make it Simple", or “Strong & Fierce" etc.
  • With a lot of clipart options, users can create artistic boards, messages, pictures, etc.


  • Watermark as shown in the preview is comparatively smaller in saved images.
  • The app crashes from time to time, making it a little difficult to operate.

Final Thoughts:

At times, it can be overwhelming that we have a bunch of video & photo editing apps out there. Therefore, for best results, stick to just one or two apps–the more you play with the app, the better you become. Mastering one app is better than possessing mediocre skills of many.

So start trying out different apps and find out which is going to be the one for you!Leave your reviews and share your experiences under the comments section below.

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