10 Best Sites to Print Instagram Photos as Personalized Holiday Gifts!

The holiday season is here and you must be already struggling with the gift ideas. I have something amazing for you! You can print Instagram photos of your loved ones on different items or styles and gift them.

The craze of Instagram pictures is on cloud nine and everyone is obsessed about their Instagram pics. If you also know an Instagram addict, then this blog is perfect for you!You can make personalized gifts from their Instagram pictures and make it special for them. Print Instagram photos on magnets, stickers, books, frames, and gift them.

Now, to make the idea reality, let me tell you that it’s very convenient now to print Instagram photos. There are many websites that provide this facility and you can easily get it done.

The reason you need to use websites that specially provide Instagram prints is you don’t want pictures to be cropped or warped. You want the perfect square print high-quality pictures.

So, I have found a few interesting sites and I’m listing below their features and prices.

10 Sites to Print Instagram Photos:

1.      Print Instagram Photos as beautiful Photo Books with Blurb:


Print Instagram Photos

Creating an Instagram photo book is a nice personalized holiday gift.  The process to select the pictures is really easy. You don’t need to download any photos on your mobile or computer. Just connect your Instagram account and select the pictures you wish to print.

Their prices for Instagram books for a 60-page book starts at $22.90.

You can create lovely family albums, dog albums, or trip albums for gifting with this site.

2.      Create as it is Square Prints of Instagram Photos on Magnets with Foxprint


Print Instagram Photos

For as low as $2, you can have your favorite Instagram picture on a magnet. Isn’t it amazing?

You can create a series of magnets and place them on your desk or make a collage out of it.

It could also make a great gift for your friends to mark your festival memories and special ocassions.

Or are there Instagram pictures of your long-distant family that they keep sharing? Why not to print them on these magnets and send everyone a beautiful Christmas gift?

3.      Print Instagram Photos in about anything and everything with SocialPrintStudio:


Print Instagram Photos

Whether you’re looking for a calendar with IG pictures or Instagram prints in wooden or classic frame! This is your site. They print Instagram mosaics, notebooks, postcards, contact cards, minibooks! Everything you can literally think of!

They also have very affordable prices so you can easily buy gifts without over spending your holiday budget.

Use their app to easily connect your Instagram account and create your personalized holiday gifts.

4.      Make a gigantic photo slab of Instagram photo with Imagesnap:


Print Instagram Photos

Want a huge print of your Instagram picture on a tile? This is where you get it done.

Their prices start from as low as $5 to $35 based on the size of the tile. This makes a fancy and affordable gift.

You can pick any size of the tile from their collection and import image from Instagram. You don’t need to download or transfer any images. The site will pick images from Instagram.

You can also gift Imagesnap gift card to your friends and family and they can pick and print Instagram pictures they like.

5.      Make custom Phone covers with Instagram pictures with Casetify


Whether you want to create custom phone covers or iPad covers or watch bands, this site has it all.

Just pick your favorite Facebook or Instagram pictures that you want on the case. And, get ready for a high quality print of your Instagram photos on your phone case.

You can select the material of the cover, phone, and import photos from Instagram.

Their prices for custom phone cases with Instagram prints start from $60. But, the quality is reliable and it’s definitely worth a try.

6.      Print Instagram Pictures and keep them as Instaphoto Box Set with Blacks


Print Instagram Photos

Want to give your spouse a collection of your wonderful memories over the year? This is a perfect gift then! For as low as $15, you can get the Instabox delivered.

Their delivery takes more than 5 days so make sure to book everything in advance.

They also have other options like digital Instagram prints and printing pictures on other items.

7.      Get your Instagram pictures printed on Jewelry with JewelPix:


Print Instagram Photos

This is by far the coolest variation of personalized holiday gifts with Instagram pictures that I have come across.

Isn’t it really fancy and posh and interesting?

Based in Italy, this company is creating fashion jewelry with your favorite Instagram pictures. They also have rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.

They are prices start from as low as $35. So, I could say it’s pretty affordable for a leather fashion jewelry with customized Instagram picture.

What do you think?

8.      Create Postcards with your Instagram pics with Sincerely


Print Instagram Photos

Convert your Instagram pictures to festive postcards and send them all over the world with less than $3.

Yes, Sincerely has an app Postagram with which you can create customize postcards and use their services to ship them internationally.

Isn’t this super convenient? Just a click and all your post will be delivered without any hassle!

Try them out to learn more about how it’s perfect for you!

9.      Create Photo Collages with your Instagram Pictures with PosterCandy:


Print Instagram Photos

PosterCandy is an amazing tool to create custom collages with your Instagram pictures and print them.

They have powerful editing functionality that lets you add filters, enhance images, and create awesome collages. They set your collages in minimalistic IKEA frames and ship you the frame to your address.

Please note that this is an Australian site with shipping only available in Australia. So, if you’re from Australia, don’t miss the opportunity to gift custom Instagram print collages as gifts this year.

10.  Gift Square Print Instagram Photos Gift Box with Lalalab:

Print Instagram Photos

Lalabox is an amazing gift photo box that you can gift this holiday season. Just download their app, add your Instagram images that you want in the photo box, and order your product.

Their box holds 32-48 prints in a glossy finish. You can also add captions to your pictures and edit your picture in the app.

This could also make a great office gift if you wish to give your employees memorable moments of the year.

Apart from gifting, this is a good idea to save all your pictures outside your devices. Their compact boxes can hold memories from your different holidays and events!

How are you printing your Instagram Pictures?

So, did you find your perfect gift idea? Did you find the perfect pictures? I want to know it all! So, please, let me know in the comments below what you liked the most.

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I started as a Freelancer with small projects only to learn that I was capable of so much more. I underestimated myself for long till my clients enjoyed my work as much as I did. Now, I want to share some of the proven tips & tricks of the online marketing world that helped me grow. I hope they help you too.

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