Influencer Instagram Audit with Real-time Influencer Outreach

How would you like if you could simply be on your PC, perform real-time influencer Instagram audit and outreach them if they resonate with your brand?

That’s exactly what CloutHQ provides with their Google Chrome extension and influencer platform. It’s quite helpful because an Instagram audit has become a necessary step before you finalize any influencer collaboration.

In one of my blogs, I spoke about spotting fake Instagram influencers and how this has become a big issue. With influencers spending 99% of their time on Instagram compared to other social platforms, you expect them to deliver outstanding results for your campaigns.

Influencer Instagram Audit with Real-time Influencer Outreach

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But, when you will start looking for your ideal Instagram influencers, you’ll be surprised by how fake some of them are. In this era of unfollowers, buying followers and engagement, it seems almost impossible to know who genuine influencers are.

That’s when CloutHQ comes to your rescue. Let’s talk about how you can perform Instagram audit on your PC with CloutHQ.

CloutHQ Google Chrome Extension to perform Instagram Audit:

Install CloutHQ’s Influencer Audit Tool from the Chrome web store.

Once you install the extension and go to the Instagram site on your PC, you can immediately get a real-time Instagram audit of any influencer.

Open any influencer’s profile and click on the extension. It will list down the average likes, comments, views, engagement rate, post mentions, daily post for an account.

Influencer Instagram Audit with Real-time Influencer Outreach

These metrics really help you in spotting fake influencers from real influencers.

Real influencers have an engagement rate that matches their follower numbers. A chart from Markerly gives an estimated relationship between follower count and engagement.

Influencer Instagram Audit with Real-time Influencer Outreach

If the engagement rate received from the CoutHQ extension for an influencer is close to the chart above, you can consider them as a genuine Instagram influencer.

Hence, CloutHQ’s free Chrome extension is an invaluable tool in performing a quick real-time Instagram audit.

If you’re on your phone and you cannot use the Chrome extension, you can also use the free Instagram audit tool by CloutHQ on their website.

CloutHQ’s Free Instagram Audit Tool on the Website:

Influencer Instagram Audit with Real-time Influencer Outreach

Go to and you will land on CloutHQ’s influencer audit tool. This works similar to the Chrome extension we saw above with the benefit of accessing from mobile devices.

When you search for an influencer in the influencer audit tool, you will see the entire influencer profile.

Influencer Instagram Audit with Real-time Influencer Outreach

Just like the extension, it has influencer’s engagement rate metrics.

I find the account history tab most useful because it gives away influencer’s growth rate of followers, engagements, posts over time.

For example, in the chart above, I can see a drastic drop in the account’s followers. Such metrics can help you understand more about the influencer and their growth rate.

Effortless Real-time Influencer Outreach:

While you’re performing your Instagram audit with CloutHQ’s tool, you can also immediately reach out to the influencers with their outreach tool.

They already have default outreach templates that you can use and contact your influencer. You can also create your own templates and contact influencer with more details about your influencer campaign.

Influencer Instagram Audit with Real-time Influencer Outreach

Influencer Instagram Audit with Real-time Influencer Outreach

Using ClooutHQ to contact influencer will improve your chances of getting a reply from your influencer and begin collaboration with them. You can also check their budget per post on the tool when you’re looking out for the influencers.

I think the combination of Instagram audit, influencer outreach and the ease of getting it done makes CloutHQ a perfect choice to find your genuine Instagram influencers.

Explore all the features of CloutHQ as an influencer platform here: The Quickest way to find Instagram influencers.

What’s your take?

After comparing several influencer tools, their features, and their prices, I have been convinced that CloutHQ comes as a complete package. Especially for small and medium businesses who are hell-bent on growing their businesses and operate at restrictive budgets.

Use their free Chrome extension and Instagram audit tool to segregate influencers with high engagement and results.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below! I would love to know your experience with the tool and if it served the purpose.


Disclosure: This post has been created in collaboration with CloutHQ. 

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