A Low-Cost Influencer Outreach tool to Find Top Instagram Influencers

Are you looking for influencer outreach tool to find top Instagram influencers? “Low-cost” is the key word because you’re already prepared to spend on influencer, at least you would want to save on the influencer platform.

But, when you actually go out and look for influencer outreach tools, you realize that they charge hefty amounts for their services.

Influencer tools like TapInfluence begin at $1999 per month. And this price is a self-serve plan which means their agency or enterprise plans are going to be much more expensive. Maybe big brands can spend this amount on their influencer marketing campaigns, but surely not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you try to come down a few tiers and look for influencer outreach tools that are less expensive, you might come across tools like NeoReach that begin at $399 per month. But, they also have some basic limitations making the tool not worth the price.

I was stuck in this loop of finding an efficient and ‘low-cost’ influencer tool when I came across CloutHQ.

With my tiresome process of getting hit by expensive influencer platforms, CloutHQs pricing was a big relief to my eyes and ears. I was finally glad to see a tool that has priced its influencer platform in 2 digits to find top Instagram influencers.

Then, I wanted to explore the tool and learn if it serves my purpose.

Here are the details of CloutHQ:

  1. CloutHQ is a crowdsourced influencer database:

Probably the only one, CloutHQ is definitely the first crowdsourced influencer database out there. Curated by brands and agencies, their influencer list is a credible list managed and checked by their team of highly skilled professionals.

  1. A great deal of influencer information is provided:

With the amount of influencer information provided, you can easily pick your top Instagram influencers.

Low-Cost Influencer Outreach tool to find Top Instagram Influencers

For every influencer, CloutHQ gives you information like their engagement rate, average comments, and contact information.

In reference to contact information, this is another feature that makes CloutHQ special. While a lot of influencer platforms take control of your contact with the influencer, CloutHQ lets you connect with influencer via or outside their platform.

Low-Cost Influencer Outreach tool to find Top Instagram Influencers

The CloutHQ influencer database also gives you an approximate value of collaborating with that influencer. Even though this information could vary when you’re actually collaborating, they are good enough to get a fair idea.

With their current brand mentions and addition influencer mentions, you can understand how they engage on their profiles.

  1. Amazing and Free Influencer Chrome Extension:

Gather insights on any Instagram account while browsing Instagram with CloutHQ’s Chrome extension.

This extension makes it as easy as breathing to shortlist your ideal top Instagram influencers.

Low-Cost Influencer Outreach tool to find Top Instagram Influencers

For any influencer profile, you can see metrics like average views, average engagement, likes, and comments.

It’s really important to understand an influencer’s engagement rate before you collaborate with any of them. With so many people buying and unfollowing Instagram accounts to gain followers, engagement rate is the metrics you can trust. Monitoring their engagement is an important part of spotting fake Instagram influencers.

This is something you can do while reading the blog, so just download their Chrome extension on another tab and see what I’m talking about.

  1. Influencer Outreach made Super Convenient:

Like I mentioned above, CloutHQ gives you a flexible outreach method to get in touch with the influencers.

Low-Cost Influencer Outreach tool to find Top Instagram Influencers

Once you’re signed in, you can get influencer’s information from their CloutHQ’s profile. If you wish to contact them directly, you can. Or if you wish to reach out to them with CloutHQ’s dashboard, they have built-in templates to help you reach out.

You can select collaboration information like post type and cost to get in touch with the influencers.

In one of my blog posts on problems with influencer marketing, I mentioned outreach as one of the top issues faced. Most of the top Instagram influencers do not respond when contacted directly. Hence, reaching out to them with an influencer tool improves your chances of getting a response.

  1. Low-cost and Affordable Pricing to Find top Instagram Influencers:

CloutHQ’s transparent pricing is my main reason to move forward with this tool. They have no hidden pricing like collaboration commission or outreach commission.

They have a straightforward pricing and clearly state what you get for what you pay.

Here’s what their pricing structure looks like:

find Instagram influencers in your niche with CloutHQ

I would say their basic plan covers a lot of valuable features like performance tracking and outreach emails.

You can even take their 3-day trial and see if this is exactly the influencer outreach tool to find your top Instagram influencers?

Over to you:

I hope you give CloutHQ a try and create successful influencer campaigns.

find Instagram influencers in your niche with CloutHQ

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Disclosure: This post has been made in collaboration with CloutHQ

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