5 BuzzSumo Alternatives in 2019 to find your Influencers and Content Faster!

BuzzSumo alternatives are any tools which will help you in finding the influencers and viral content.  Now the question is why are we looking for BuzzSumo alternatives?

Isn’t BuzzSumo still the best influencer and content curator tool in the market? BuzzSumo was indeed the first mover, but there are quite competitive players in the game now.

The limitations of BuzzSumo?

  • The free version of BuzzSumo gives you quite limited access to their data.
  • Their premium version is limited to only Twitter influencers.
  • BuzzSumo’s Facebook search is only available to large plans.
  • There’s no outreach program. Even after finding your influencer here, you have to contact them externally

So, if you are in any niche that basically needs Instagram or Facebook influencers, BuzzSumo is not really your tool.

Now, I’m not going to be that harsh on BuzzSumo. I’m a big fan of their content curation tool. But, let’s be frank, it doesn’t seem worth the money all the time. This is their pricing structure:

buzzsumo alternatives

Errrr. So, you basically pay $79/month for unlimited content and Twitter influencer searches?

If you’re a blogger or a startup, you might be having difficulty in putting your money in this one.

All that being said, finding BuzzSumo alternative is not easy either. Because so many tool sites are either being acquired or being closed. It’s hard to find that perfect tool for all your needs.

But, don’t you worry!

Here’s a list of Buzzsumo alternatives for finding influencers and curating viral content:

  1. NinjaOutreach:

NinjaOutreach is an excellent and by far the best alternative to BuzzSumo. For a lesser price than BuzzSumo, it gives you an abundance of features.

While they basically call themselves a blogger outreach tool, they are more than what they say.

Ninja features of NinjaOutreach:

  • Find Instagram and Twitter influencers:

buzzsumo alternatives NinjaOutreach

buzzsumo alternatives

Type in any keyword from your niche and have all the Instagram and Twitter influencers listed. You can filter the followers based on follower count. On selecting any influencer, you can check out their social media presence, SEO, and engagement rate.

It’s quite amazing that they give you the Alexa and Moz ranking of the influencer websites. This adds to the credibility and helps you pick your influencers with trust.

It doesn’t end here. You can also create several lists and add your shortlisted influencers to it. This helps you in maintaining all your influencers and efficiently managing them later.

  • Find most shared content:

buzzsumo alternatives NinjaOutreach

Finding viral content has become the primary task of every business on social media. You want to know the viral blogs or articles before you start writing one.

With NinjaOutreach, you can filter content from Facebook shares, Twitter shares, Pinterest shares, Google+ shares, LinkedIn shares, Total shares.

Now, most of the content tools will only show the number of shares.

NinjaOutreach will also show you the sharers. So, you can actually check who all are sharing the post. Really. If you find regular and genuine sharers, you can reach out to them to share your content.

  • Efficient influencer outreach tool:

buzzsumo alternatives NinjaoutReach

Now, this is the feature that NinjaOutreach actually promotes themselves for. You can personalize your email templates to reach out to influencers.

You can reach out to your selected influencers from the platform itself. Then, you can automate your emails and track conversions.

It’s a huge time-saver. Because I have been there where you personally reach out to several influencers. It’s an exhausting process. And extremely difficult to keep track of conversions.

How much do you need to pay for NinjaOutreach?

buzzsumo alternatives ninjaoutreach pricing

You can do a small dance because all the pricing plans have all the features.

Now, if we look at the blogger package. 1500 contacts are the maximum contacts you can have in your account at any time. Which means you can keep refreshing your list and add new accounts.

What do you think about the pricing? I regret the time when NinjaOutreach was 19$ per month and I didn’t buy it. And I think it’s a pretty good deal to find influencers, viral content, and reach out to influencers. So, if this is what you’re looking for, I suggest you buy before their price increases further!

  1. Epic Beat and Epic Track:

With similar features like BuzzSumo and NinjaOutreach, Epictions is a newer tool in the market.

They currently have two pricing models namely, Epic Beat and Epic Track. While both the packages offer unlimited searches, Epic Track has better insights and analytics capability.

Epic features of Epic Beat and Epic Track:

  • Epic Content Curation and Intelligence:

buzzsumo alternatives epicbeat reviews

While on the better side, Epic tools give you LinkedIn and Pinterest engagement. This is quite important considering the growth of both platforms. And their power in bringing traffic to your website.

But on the other side, you’re missing on Instagram and Twitter engagement.

So, based on the needs of your niche, you have to see which social media platform has more engagement with your customers.

You can also filter the content based on geographies and content type. Both the features are quite important if you believe in targeted content.

  • Find your social media influencers:

buzzsumo alternatives epicbeat reviews

With a friendly interface, Epictions give you influencers from all the major social media platforms. You can sort your influencers by geography, followers, and personas to find your influencers.

You can also find the top authors in your niche with this platform.

buzzsumo alternatives epicbeat reviews

Epictions have great tools for finding your content and influencers. The only drawback of the tools is that there’s no influencer outreach feature available. So, basically, everyone you’ve found, you will have to reach them out individually.

But, they have some brilliant filters and tracking capabilities to make your work life easier.

How much do you have to pay for Epic Tools?

buzzsumo alternatives epicbeat reviews

The prices seem pretty good if you’re comfortable with reaching out to the influencers on your own.

  1. Social Animal:

Social Animal is also an interesting tool with some amazing capabilities. It is essentially based on natural language processing and machine learning techniques. So, you can expect highly valuable insights with this tool.

Wild features of Social Animal are:

  • Find top authors and Twitter influencers:

buzzsumo alternatives social animal review

Pretty much like BuzzSumo, Social Animal also lists your Twitter followers.

Additionally, they list the top author for the keywords you enter. The tool also provides the websites for which the author writes or shares content from.

The disadvantage is that they do not cover any other social media platform for finding influencer. If your main goal is finding content influencers, this feature is invaluable.

  • Content curation tool

buzzsumo alternatives social animal review

Unlike any other tool, Social Animal is going the give the main keywords of the most shared blogs. They also give the sharing count from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google plus.

buzzsumo alternatives social animal review

With their deep analysis, they also provide you summary for every keyword. So, you can research on the best social platform and post details while marketing your content.

  • Competitor Monitoring:

buzzsumo alternatives

You can add your competitors that you want Social Animal to monitor for you. Then you can regularly check your dashboard to see competitor updates. They also monitor competitor mentions, so you can look out for companies promoting or mentioning your competitor.

How much do you pay for Social Animal?

buzzsumo alternatives social animal review

Now, all the three plans have all the features described above. The major difference is in the number of team members, alerts, and exports per month from these accounts.

  1. StartupFlux:

StartupFlex is a new tool with super-packed features and insights. This tool is better priced than all the tools we discussed above. But, some of the features are still in beta.

Features of StartupFlux:

  • Find Twitter Influencers:

buzzsumo alternatives

Their influencer interface is pretty simple. You can sort your influencers by followers and score.

You can use their influencer tool if you are looking for a general idea or an overview of Twitter influencers. Clicking on influencers will show you their detailed Twitter profile.

  • Curate content:

buzzsumo alternatives startupflux

The tool gives you top blogs for your keywords. They give you shares from Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. They also provide you with common keywords and sentiment analysis of the blog.

How much do you pay for StartupFlux?

buzzsumo alternatives startupflux

The price is quite decent but it’s mostly because the tool is in its infancy. The tool is not quite detailed on extensive in terms of insights. But, they do provide some valuable information for the price they charge.

So, if you want to find Twitter influencer and viral content in your niche, you can look out for this one.

  1. Feedly:

Feedly is not exactly a replacement for BuzzSumo. But, it’s a really cool tool if your major focus is on content curation. And the best part is, Feedly is free for basic use.

Check out some Feedly features:

  • Find most shared content:

buzzsumo alternatives feedly

Feedly popularity count will give you how popular the post is on Feedly and other social networks.

However, what you get is the total count and you can’t differentiate how well the post performed on different social networks.

  • Find top bloggers in your niche:

Just type your keywords or hashtags and your list will be ready. You can follow the bloggers you want to. Or you can simply analyze their followers and posts. It’s a cool way to have all your competitor’s content in one place.

How much to pay for Feedly?

Feedly free gives you 3 feeds, 3 boards, and 100 sources free. Normally, it’s sufficient for startups and bloggers. But, if you want something better, go for Feedly pro. The price is peanuts, literally.

buzzsumo alternatives

To wrap up your BuzzSumo Alternatives!

There are three types of people:

  1. People who want the best at the best price:

NinjaOutreach is certainly your best bet. Excellent influencer finder, content finder, and influencer outreach tool. Delivering your value for money.

Epiction tools are your second best bet. Distinguished content and influencer analytics.

b.People who are willing to settle for good for a better price:

Social Animal is a superb choice. Find Twitter influencers, monitor competitors, and premium content analytics.

StartupFlux is a notable tool (Twitter influencers, content analytics) for the price they offer.

c. People who love free:

Feedly is a must-try tool for everyone who has written a single blog. And especially those who are looking to share valuable content on their social media. You got to try it.

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