Must Know Top 40 Facebook Statistics of 2018

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms with approximately 1.32 billion daily users. Starting from the people in their mid-50s to teenagers, Facebook is the favorite social media platform of one and all. Facebook statistics 2018 clearly reveals that it has been a sizeable part of any business marketing strategy.

Despite all the controversies that Facebook faced in 2018, the Facebook ads, revenue, and engagement don’t seem to plummet. Experts believe that the popularity of Facebook is going to rise even more in 2019.

Also, businesses are making use of this buzzing social media platform for a myriad of purposes like brand exposure, lead generation, increasing website traffic and so on. Marketers work hard on creating and sharing videos that can help them improve their ad conversion rate. There are tools to track your competitor’s Facebook performance and improve yours.

It would be thrilling to know the most fascinating and actionable recent Facebook statistics before the year ends. Right? Well, this piece of writing is here for you to explore that. Almost all the crucial aspects starting from how many Facebook users are there in 2018 to the astounding Facebook engagement stats, you will get an idea of almost everything.

Read on our top 40 Facebook Statistics of 2018:

  1. There are 50 million businesses out there that use Facebook pages for promotion.
  2. Facebook gets 400 new sign-ups per minute.
  3. Facebook messenger has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users.
  4. People open their Facebook account for around eight times per day.

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  1. 83% of parents of teens who are between 13-17 years are in their children’s friend list of Facebook.
  2. 42% of the customer service responses in Facebook take place during the first 60 minutes.
  3. There are more than 100 million Facebook users in the world who’ve joined certain meaningful communities which aim to help people who are in a crisis.
  4. The Facebook statistics 2018 for average cost per click (CPC) in Facebook ads is around $ 1.72.
  5. 26% of people who use Facebook end up making purchases while clicking on the ads.
  6. There are 83% of women and 75% of men out there in the world who are active on Facebook users.

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  1. The Facebook video stats seems to be pretty appealing. 71% of the customers said that the video ads that they see help them to make purchases.
  2. 47% of the Facebook ads get valued within the first three seconds as per the Facebook video stats.
  3. The Facebook engagement stats is the highest one for videos whereas they make only 3% of the available content.
  4. A particular piece of content is read more on Facebook News Feed, when opened in mobile apps when compared to desktops.
  5. 47% of all the Facebook users access their profiles through their mobile phones.
  6. Almost 4 million likes get generated every minute by Facebook users.
  7. More than 85% of Facebook’s daily users belong to other parts of the world except the USA and Canada.
  8. Facebook engagement statistics pretty impressive in case of supermarket shoppers. 89% of them prefer to engage with content on Facebook.
  9. In Facebook, there are almost 8 billion daily video views.

facebook statistics 2019 2018

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  1. According to the Facebook statistics 2018, 42% of the users ‘like’ a page with such designs which showcase ‘coupons’ or ‘discount’.
  2. More than 2.5 trillion posts have been already created on Facebook.
  3. When it comes to social media advertisers, 93% of them use Facebook ads.
  4. The standard length of the tile of an ad on Facebook is four words and there should be 15 words for describing a link.
  5. Instagram is the source for 20% of Facebook’s mobile ad revenue.
  6. The age of 83% of the Facebook users present around the world is under 45.
  7. 19% of mobile users spend their time on Facebook.
  8. Facebook is generating 3,000 years of video watch time each day as per the information that each video gets only 3 seconds for each view.
  9. Facebook experiences the highest traffic in mid-week between 1-3 pm.
  10. The average time calculated for each Facebook visit is around 29 minutes.
  11. When it’s about Facebook ad performance then 75-90% of it accounts for images.
  12. 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off.
  13. One among the fives videos on Facebook is a live broadcast.
  14. People can remember a piece of content that they see on Facebook for just 0.25 seconds.
  15. The engagement stats are higher on Thursdays and Fridays by 18%.
  16. There are almost 300 million photos uploaded in Facebook per day.
  17. 50% of people who belong to the age group of 18 to 24 years browse through Facebook in the morning, just after getting up from the bed.
  18. Since launched in 2016, users have used Facebook reactions more than 300 billion times.
  19. When it comes to the musicians in the world, Shakira has the maximum fans on Facebook.
  20. 62% of the Facebook users are University graduates and 30% of them are having high school as their highest academic degree received.
  21. The legal industry is having the highest click-through rate on Facebook with 1.61%.

Aren’t these Facebook statistics 2018 seem to be absolutely extraordinary? Hopefully, you’ve got some really amazing insights on Facebook to remember. Please let me know if you’ve any comments regarding the same.

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