Most creative ways to use Facebook videos and increase page engagement in 2017!

use videos on facebook to increase engagement

Facebook videos get more engagement than any other type of Facebook post. And the best thing about a video post is that you can be as imaginative and inventive as you want to be. However, a lot of people feel that creating video is a hassle and they avoid it as long as they can! A recent study by Buzzsumo states that average engagement on Facebook videos is much higher compared to any other post type and this should be a big enough reason to motivate yourself to create some videos.


 FB videos creative use

Image via BuzzSumo

If you are wondering what videos can you possibly make, let me tell you that it’s possible to create a diverse range of videos. Here are some of the types of videos that you can create for your business:

FB videos creative use


I hope you have been able to pick few topics to create your videos. Now, let’s look at the 3 creative ways to add videos to your Facebook Page other than a simple video post and increase engagement:

#1 Video cover photo

facebook videos most creative use to increase engagement

An extremely underrated feature, this is an amazing way to hold people to your Facebook page and share some valuable information. It’s a much better idea to use a Facebook Cover Video than a Cover Photo because you can create a rich user experience and not limit yourself to few texts or images. The video plays on auto-loop so you can also add sound to your video.

Before you start creating a Facebook video, keep in mind:

  • Videos must be minimum 20 seconds and maximum 90 seconds.
  • The dimension must be at least 820×312 pixels.

I have compiled some cool Facebook pages that use Video Cover photos for you to experience the emotion yourself:

  1. BMW on Product Launch
  2. Zara on Product Demo
  3. Buffer on Introducing your Team
  4. 9gag sharing one of their Funny videos
  5. National Geographic sharing one of their videos
  6. Shopify on Black Friday Contest

What do you think about these cover photos? Can you replicate it or create something extraordinary for your page?

I think a Facebook cover photo creates a stunning first Impression and you should dive into the opportunity and creativity it brings along.

#2 Facebook Live

FB videos creative use


An enjoyable and powerful way to keep your audience engaged, Facebook live is one of the top trending ways to increase engagement on Facebook. A lot of businesses and people share their experiences, events with Facebook live. It’s simple to use and people can participate live when you are presenting! Do keep in touch with your sense of humor while you are live on Facebook.

Some tips to use Facebook Live:

  • Think of a compelling description before you go live.
  • Continue for a longer period of time if you want more people to join you.
  • Build anticipation by letting people know in advance before going live.

To understand better, have a look at some of the favorite Facebook live videos:

  1. Bloomberg
  2. Buzzfeed
  3. Dunkin Donuts 
  4. Bark box
  5. The New York Times

#3 Watch Video Button

facebook videos most creative use to increase engagement

If you are always looking for ways to send people to your website from your Facebook page, this is for you. You can add a Facebook cover picture with an image from your video and a Watch Video button to send people to your website where the actual video is.


FB videos creative use

Image via Facebook

This is powerful when your image can spark curiosity to click on the watch video button. You can also give arrows on your image towards the button so people know that the image is connected to a video.

Some Facebook page examples using this feature are here for your reference:

  1. Mashable
  2. HBO
  3. Samsung
  4. The New York Times

To sum it all, your videos don’t have to complicated or extensive when you begin. You can also start with very simple informative videos. Decide your purpose before creating your video and then later analyze your page insights to see if your purpose was served.

Over to you!

Tell me in the comments section if your video posts have increased engagement compared to your other post types and how easy or difficult creating a video was for you.

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