Benefits of Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin for Websites

Facebook’s Messenger 2.2 platform released on November 7, 2017, with some advance customer engagement tools. One that steals the show is Facebook Messenger Chat plugin for Websites.

Facebook is leaving no stone unturned in expanding Facebook Messenger as an advanced business tool with chatbots, Messenger Ads, built-in NLP and much more!

This one is unique because it does not limit Messenger to Facebook and brings it to your website. It’s amazing as the live chat on your website by Facebook is going to skyrocket the message requests for businesses with its easy integration and management.

Let’s look at some of the examples of Facebook Messenger Chat plugin for websites:

facebook messenger chat pluigin for websites

Image via Facebook

Bodeaz added this feature on their website and it looks like an ordinary live chat on the website except for the messenger sign that indicates that this chat is powered by Facebook Messenger.

If your customer is logged into their Facebook account, they can start the chat without any further authentication. This is an example of Total Activation where I go to their website and begin the live chat. As you can see, I get a response from Total Activation on their website as well as on my Facebook Messenger.

facebook messenger chat pluigin for websites

Image via Bodeaz

And, this is how this feature looks on the mobile version of the website:

facebook messenger chat pluigin for websites   facebook messenger chat pluigin for websites

Image via Bodeaz

With this plugin, it’s up to your customer to continue the chat on their Facebook Messenger or on your website.

Some of the benefits of Facebook Messenger chat plugin for websites over a normal live chat are:

#1 A blessing for small websites that could not integrate live chat due to multiple reasons (time-money investment) can now seamlessly integrate live chat on their websites once Facebook rolls out this feature for everyone.

#2 If your live chat support is unavailable, you have to ask the user to provide their contact information. But, in this case, even if your chat support is unavailable you can contact them through your Facebook Messenger.

#3 Your chats will be stored on Messenger for the easy reference of your employees as well as your customers.

#4 With chatbots, you can personalize your live chat for your customers to check out special offers or go to specific website pages.

#5 Live chats do not help in receiving user’s information if they abandon the chat midway. However, with this plugin, your potential customer will be in your messenger and you can retarget them later with your Facebook broadcast or ads.

This is surely a 10/10 feature by Facebook that every business can utilize to increase their customer base and sales number. It’s going to be interesting to see how it unfolds for businesses and how the first movers make the most out of it.

Currently, this feature is being tested with: Adore Me, Air France, Argos, Aviva (Eurofil), Bodeaz, Elves, Goibibo, Keto Mojo, KLM, Mermaid Pillow, Spoqa, Total Activation, Volaris and Zalando.

You can also be a part of it by registering yourself with Facebook and get notified when the feature is available for you to use.
Go register! Don’t miss this one!

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