Facebook Messenger Ads: How it is changing Facebook Advertising

facebook messenger ads how to create

Facebook Messenger is going to be a powerful counterpart to Email Marketing. Companies and business owners have been trying hard to build their email lists and increase the conversion rate from emails. The importance of email marketing is unquestionable, but what if you could have a subscriber list on Facebook who would directly contact you on Facebook Messenger? Sounds pretty cool, right?

Facebook Messenger can also assist you in saying a bye-bye to traditional customer support and revamp your company with a modern customer support where you can address all the customer issues on Facebook Messenger without having to deal with the laid back calling process.

If you are not sure how your business can use Facebook Messenger, look at statistics below:

Facebook messenger ads

This research highlights some very important points that we can use to connect better with our customers. It also gives us an insight on what our customers are expecting and how can we deliver it more effectively. 

So, let us look how you can use it for your business and increase your ROI.

There are two types of Facebook Messenger ads:

  1. Facebook Messenger as a Destination
  2. Facebook Messenger as a Placement

Facebook Messenger as a Destination:

The easiest way to understand this is to know that these ads are just like any other ads you see on Facebook. They have the option to add an image, video, carousel, etc. The user sees this ad on their Desktop & Mobile newsfeed.

The only difference is that when a user clicks on this ad, it opens on Facebook Messenger instead of any other URL.

When you are creating an FB ad, this is how you can select Messenger as a destination


Facebook messenger ads

Image via Facebook

When you click on setup messages, you will see the screen below.

facebook messenger ads

Image via Facebook

You can add the welcome message and other details as per your ad campaign. You can also select the customer action as buttons or quick replies. The ad will run like a normal ad and will give you the targeting capability like other ads.

This ad can be used for retargeting where you want to retarget your customers who didn’t make the purchase by answering some of their questions that you think stopped them from final purchase. This ad can also be useful if you want people to send you a message on Facebook.

If you are wondering why would you want people to message you on Facebook, read below to learn how beneficial it can be.

Facebook Messenger as a Placement:

Facebook Messenger as a placement is when users get your ads directly in their Facebook Messenger. You can select Messenger as Placement for Campaign objectives Traffic and Conversion. Messenger as Placement will be ineligible for other ad types. To know more about which ad type will be eligible for Messenger, click here.

You can have Facebook Messenger as a Placement in two ways:

  • Messenger Home
  • Sponsored Ads

Let us look at Facebook Messenger Sponsored Ads in detail:

Facebook Messenger as a Placement Sponsored ads is where your ad will reach your customer just like they receive messages from their friends on Messenger.

However, you can only target people who have previously messaged your page in the past. So, if you do not have existing subscribers in your FB page list, it’s best to first run an ad or post that motivates people to send you a message on Facebook. And, then start Sponsored Ads.

This is how you can create Facebook Messenger Sponsored Ads as a Placement.

Step 1:

Select Sponsored Messages under Messenger in Edit Placements


Image via Facebook

Step 2:

Turn on Sponsored Messages Placement


Image via Facebook

Step 3:

Create your ad

facebook messenger ads

Image via Facebook

One important point to note is that Facebook charges you for your messages based on impression irrespective of its opening rate. So, you can also use a bot to sophisticate the process and save your time and money.

Here is a great example of Sponsored Message Ads:

facebook messenger ads

Source: Netimperative

As you can see, Facebook Messenger advertising is a great shift in social media advertising. It gives you the capability to engage with your customers at a very personal level and also eliminate the tedious customer care process. You can be very creative with how you can engage your customers and convert a conversation into a conversion.

So, go ahead and try your Facebook Messenger Ad and tell us how it worked for you. If you face any issues while creating your ad or if your ad didn’t benefit like you expected, just drop a comment and we will be happy to help you!





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