How to Sell on Etsy and Get the First Sale in 2019?

how to open an Etsy store and get your first Etsy sale
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Are you intimidated with all the beautiful Etsy shops and can’t wait to start your own Etsy store? This article will take you from everything on how to sell on Etsy to making your first sale. So, brace yourselves as it might feel like an information overload in the first go. But, keep your patience, as I really have some amazing tips to share.

Before we begin, let’s talk a bit about Etsy. Starting with some of the Etsy facts:

  • There are over 1.98 million Etsy sellers and over 50 million products on Etsy.
  • 86% of Etsy sellers are women.
  • There are 35.8 million active Etsy buyers and 66% of them are from the US.
  • 67% of Etsy purchases come from mobile.

These numbers certainly give us an idea of how big the Etsy marketplace is and how it is performing in general.

Talking about the USP of Etsy, unlike Amazon and eBay, Etsy is more focused on handmade and vintage product sellers. Giving opportunity to designers and creative artists, Etsy is for sellers and customers who like personalized, handmade items.

I started my Etsy store – BuyArtJewels in late 2018 in the fine jewelry segment, and a few months later, I have more than 20 sales and 10 reviews on the Etsy store. You might not find the numbers outrageous, but I would call it good considering the Etsy competition, luxury niche, and product prices.

With my experience in SEO, keywords, and Etsy, I’m going to explain the important points and all the must-know information on how to sell on Etsy below.

Benefits of Starting an Etsy Store:

There are many benefits of starting an Etsy store that make it one of the best online selling platforms these days. Some of them are:

  • It’s extremely easy to start an Etsy store. You can finish the basic Etsy setup within an hour and your shop is good to go.
  • Setting up a transaction with Etsy is simple. You can connect with your PayPal and begin selling.
  • Compared to starting your own e-commerce website, you have a better chance of ranking your products via Etsy on Google. Etsy products rank well on Google if you’ve strong SEO in your Etsy shop.

Before you open an Etsy Shop, here’s a Checklist:

Before you go ahead learning how to sell on Etsy and open an Etsy shop, here’s a checklist if you’re ready to open your own store.

  • Are the products you’re planning to sell on Etsy unique/handmade/customizable?

You have to remember that buyers on Etsy are on Etsy for the uniqueness of their products. They want to buy something that’s not common and available on every platform. So, check out the existing products that are related to yours on Etsy and see what sets them apart. Can you do better?

  • Are you ready to give an awesome customer service?

Buyer-seller relationship on Etsy are more personal and interactive than other ecommerce platforms. Customers are more interested in getting their products customized and designed. Hence, it’s important to deliver a quick and understanding customer service on Etsy if you wish to sell on Etsy.

  • Do you have the capability to ship to the US and other countries?

As we learnt in the stats above, 66% of Etsy buyers are from the US. To make the majority of Etsy shop and have killer sales, you should be capable to ship your products to the US, Europe and other countries. You can charge for shipping or offer free shipping based on your country of origin.

  • Do you have a brand name and logo?

These are the first things that you would need to begin your Etsy shop. So, if you don’t already have a brand name and logo, this would be the first place to start.

Remember, that your shop name can have 4-20 characters and no special characters.

Steps to Open an Etsy Shop and Creating your First Listing:

Having understood the benefits and basics of setting up an Etsy store, let’s go step-by-step and create the first shop.

  • Go to Etsy and click on “Sell on Etsy” on the top right. Sign up with your Google account, Facebook account, or any other email id and create your Etsy account.
  • Click on “Open your Etsy shop” button on the center of your screen.
  • Now, you will see the following screen. Enter your shop language, country of origin, and currency.
  • Enter your shop name. Be mindful as you can only change the name of your shop once after this.
  1. Next step is to enter an Etsy listing. You have to add at least one product to begin your Etsy shop.
  2. First and the most important is your product photos. Etsy is all about high-quality product photography. So, add clear pictures of your products. You can learn more about Etsy product photography here.
  • Next important element is your product title. You have 140 characters for the product title and your effort should be to add all the important keywords in your product title.
  • Next, add your listing category and all your product information, description, and variations. All the words that you select in your listing like category, material, act as keywords for Etsy. So, be clear about your product while adding this information.
  • While you’re creating your listing, learn that tags are extremely important for your Etsy SEO. You can add 13 tags. Again, add your important keywords in your Etsy tags.
  • Once you have added all the elements and you’ve saved your listing, you can Save and Continue and move to the last part.
  1. Next section is Payment setting. If Etsy Payments is available in your country, you can set it up. If not there are other payment methods like PayPal are available. You can update your payment settings. Save it and set up your billing in the next section.

So, with these basic Etsy steps, your Etsy store is set. The only thing to do next is to add all your products. Before you begin filling your Etsy store with products, read the complete article.

How to Get your First Sale on Etsy:

I got my first Etsy sale when I only had 10 products on my Etsy store. I wasn’t working very hard promoting my Etsy store and in fact, wasn’t even expecting a sale when I got it. But, I learnt a few things that get you sale on Etsy.

Here are few things that you must do to get your first Etsy sale:

Invest a few dollars on promoted listings per day:

You can invest as low as $2 per day on Etsy promoted listings but this is the best way to get your products out to Etsy buyers. Organically ranking on Etsy can take time, so you should start promoted listing for either all your products or your top products.

Using Etsy promoted listing is simple as they do not require any complicated ad setup. You just have to set the budget per day and max CPC. Etsy decides where to show your ads based on your product title, tags, and category.

As a general tip, you can keep the Etsy budget between $2-$5 and max CPC between $0.02-$0.05 to test how your ads are performing.

Add Shop Owner and team information:

Etsy’s shop owner picture is shown under every Etsy product of your shop. So, as soon as you start your shop you must have a picture that communicates to the buyers about the faces behind your brand.

Keep your tags in consistent with your product title:

Consider it as a secret Etsy SEO tip that no one talks about, but if you will notice, the top selling brands have one thing in common. Their product tags are an exact replica of their product title.

The logic behind doing this could be that your SEO for important words get strong by repeating them in the title and tags. You should do it for half of your products and then test which ones get more traffic.

Enable Sales and coupons:

Etsy allows you to add a variety of coupons like you can create coupons for those who favorite your products and abandoned cart. Other than that you can set up Etsy sale for some or all of your products.

Promote your products on Pinterest and join Etsy seller boards:

Because of similarity in the audiences in Pinterest and Etsy, adding your products to Pinterest boards can get you traffic to your Etsy store.

There are many Etsy seller group boards that you can join and pin your product photos. You can check from Etsy stats if you’re getting traffic from Pinterest or not.

Final Words:

I hope to have provided some valuable information on how to sell on Etsy for beginners and newcomers. If you have any questions regarding your Etsy store, you can let me know in the comments below.

 I wish you loads of Etsy sales! Cheers!

Harshita Agrawal

I started as a Freelancer with small projects only to learn that I was capable of so much more. I underestimated myself for long till my clients enjoyed my work as much as I did. Now, I want to share some of the proven tips & tricks of the online marketing world that helped me grow. I hope they help you too.

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