Tips to Shortlist Your Ideal Freelance Content Writer

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A small business may benefit from hiring freelance content writers instead of having full-time employees who will come with extra costs like health insurance, allowances and so forth. On the other side of the coin though, some people may still find it a better idea to have fulltime writers who will produce quality work and will be available every day from 9 to 5.

The truth though is if you are able to find good freelance content writers, you will be happy with the results and avoid some of the extra baggage staff writers come with. If you are still struggling to find the right freelance writer, here are some tips to shortlist your ideal freelance content writer.

Hire Niche Writers

Your blog will benefit a great deal from a writer who is familiar with that particular aspect of your business. You might find many freelance writers out there that are good with words and research, but they are general writers which mean they may not have sufficient knowledge in the field you would like them to produce content in.

You can use tools like NinjaOutreach to spot the ideal bloggers or writers in your niche. Tools like these can also make outreaching faster for you and you can follow up easily.

If you are asking “what is wrong with that if they can do research?” well the answer is, a general writer is not familiar with the jargon used in your field. Their content may not strike the same chord that a niche writer would. There is also the possibility of factual errors since a general writer may not have enough time to research statistics in that field while a specialized writer is already familiar with such statistics and facts.

Familiarize Yourself with the Different Types of Writers

You will be better off searching for a freelance content writer from an informed point. There are different categories of freelance writers and understanding these categories will help you pick the best fit for the job you want to be done. This is a guide to understanding the categories and what they can do for you.

–    Content Writer: These writers cover varied topics and provide articles for your website or blog as well as e-books and research papers. At times they are also called content marketers.

–    Ghostwriters: If you are too busy to come up with content but want someone who can write in your voice and you take the credit for it, these are the ones to hire. Good ghostwriters, however, will charge higher fees for their services.

–    Copywriters: Are you looking for content that will sell? Say you want to have content for an email campaign or an advert? Copywriters are generally able to market you using words.

–    Editors: These help to identify and correct mistakes made by other writers. If you choose to write your own content but would want it spell-checked or even fact-checked, you will need to hire a copyeditor.

–    Blogger: This is straightforward, they specialize in blog posts

You might find a writer who is able to perform some or all of these services.

Check out Their Portfolio

There are two points you need to consider when checking out the portfolio 

  • An experienced writer is obviously going to have samples of content they have created over the years. This will help you see if their skills match your need. You should be able to tell just how good they are and how much experience they have from the samples they share.
  • Part of their portfolio should also have reviews from previous clients. Genuine reviews will let you know what to expect as well as their strong and weak points.

Ask for Referrals

This is almost like reading reviews, but sometimes reviews may not be genuine enough for you to make hiring decisions based on them.  Referrals, on the other hand, will come from friends and fellow industry professionals who you can trust more to suggest someone they may have used before and can guarantee quality content writing. 

More often than not, businesses that have been in existence for at least a year have used content writers and you can ride on that to find one suited for the work you want done.

Talk to the Writer

It is important that the writer gets to understand you and what you are trying to achieve. Talking to a writer is a sure way to achieve this understanding. This is not just an interview, you will actually share your thoughts with the writer, let them know what your business is trying to achieve and how their content will fit into the goals of your business. Such an understanding can even help the writer to choose the right voice to use in the articles they produce and take out the guesswork or even try and error that would result from not sharing your thoughts with them.

Use Writers with Previous Articles You Like

If you read a great article online, take note of the writer of that article and probably read more of their articles to be sure that you like their writing style. Most writers will have contact details, so do not hesitate to contact the writers you realize have an ideal writing style. It is more likely that a writer that has impressed you in the past will impress you when writing articles for your business.

Go for High-Quality Writers

To be able to do this you will need to look at the samples of the writer you are considering. Within those samples, you can detect the quality of their work. The first thing you will need to pay attention to in that sample is the headline. They need to have a headline that entices a browser to click and read the content. After the headline is the opening paragraph and this like the headline should entice the reader to continue reading. The body of the article should then go on to add value, the reader should feel the benefit of reading that article. It should also be factual and backed by impeccable sources.

Last word

Using freelance content writers will benefit you as long as you have the right one working for you. Other things you may want to consider include their respect for deadlines, the experience they have, the content on their own website and how cheap they are. High-quality writers usually are not cheap.

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This article is a guest post on eSocMedia by our friend, Ritu Sharma who is an SEO specialist at PageTraffic.

Ritu Sharma

Ritu Sharma is an SEO specialist & Online Marketing Strategist with over 9 years of professional experience. She is currently working with India’s leading SEO company PageTraffic. She has spearheaded many successful SEO campaigns for PageTraffic.

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