11 Blog Title Generator Tools that only a few Bloggers know about!

blog title generator tools

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Whether you’re a novice writer or a Neil Patel equivalent, you would be very familiar with a writer’s block. Especially when it comes to titles and headings. In such situations, knowing an excellent blog title generator tools can come in handy for you

Coming up with the correct blog title or blog name is one of the most daunting tasks mostly because of how valuable it is. And, the research consistently portrays the huge differences in CTR made by the right blog title. Some of the interesting facts to note are:

  • A CTR (click-through rate) increase of 21% is seen by bringing the blog title to 8 words.
  • A CTR increase of 9% can be seen by including a colon or a hyphen to the blog name.
  • Headlines with odd numbers perform 20% better than headlines with even numbers.
  • A positive headline change can increase CTR by 10%.

Now when the numbers are so powerful, why would any blogger ignore the importance of using the right heading for your business? I don’t know.

But I know that you aren’t such a blogger. You’re the smart one already looking for the right blog title generator to improve your website traffic.

Along with the words and numbers in your blog title, another important factor for any blogger is the SEO part of the blog title. You do not want to compromise the SEO aspect of your blog title even while writing the fanciest titles because that’s the most important part.

So, I have compiled a list of blog title generator tools that you would need to write the perfect headline. Some of these blog title generator tools are good with title SEO, some with title effectiveness.

As of all these are free, you can pick your favorite title generator tools from the list below:

  1.  Headline and Subject Line Generator:

Headline and subject line generator is a free Google Chrome extension that can help you generate new headlines and titles within seconds. Just install the extension, type your keywords and you will get hundreds of suggestions in your browser.  The templates are available for lists, how-to, question, and general headlines. You can use them in your emails, blogs, social media captions as they are quite effective.

The best part about this tool is that since it’s a Chrome extension, you can easily use it in your already opened tabs in a single click. It’s a must use for online marketers because it’s free, simple, and productive.

headline generator tool

  1. The Hoth Title Generator Tools:

Just like Headline generator, the Hoth also gives you the most appropriate title suggestions. They take desired outcomes, target audience into consideration while creating blog topics.

Here’s a screenshot of the information taken by the Hoth to generate blog titles. The reason it’s most accurate and closer to the theme of your article is that of the information it takes.

Like all other tools mentioned in the list, the Hoth is also free, so give it a try before you judge.

blog title generator tools

  1. TweakYourBiz

TweakYourBiz provides a huge variety of title inspirations. They have How to versions of your title idea as well as the listicles, best lists, and many more.

Here’s a sample of what I received after looking for blog titles for the term, “blog title generator “on TweakYourBiz:

Their ideas are really fantastic. Of course, they are not 100% perfect. Because the title may vary based on the theme of your content and requirement. But, they are good enough to get an idea.

They also have questions, love, business, motivation form of a question so you can pick as per your need.

Don’t forget to make your titles more human-friendly and SEO friendly after you’ve picked one.

  1. BlogAbout:

BlogAbout is an interesting title generator tool. Instead of listing n number of blog titles on your keywords, Blogabout lets you create your own titles with their formats.

For example, here BlogAbout is giving a few statements with blanks, I can fill in my keyword and create a list of titles. Then I can get these blog titles emailed to myself.

blog title generator tools

  1. Kopywriting Kourse:

Kopywriting Kourse gives up to 100 blog titles for any topic. Their headline length is usually long with a more personal touch, so if this is your style of writing, you could try this site.

No login or registration is required to use this site, just enter your keywords. Here’s a sample of what I got on searching, “ blog title generator”

blog title generator tools

  1. AnswerthePublic:

AnswerThePublic is a relatively new tool in this space and has a visualization technique to help you select the best titles. They also give you titles alphabetically if you wish to have a preference.

Here’s an example of the titles I received for typing ‘’blog title generator tools” in AnswerThePublic:

blog title generator tools

  1. Portent Content Idea Generator:

Portent is also an interesting title generator. With Portent, enter your keyword and keep hitting the retry button until you find the perfect inspiration for your blog.

Here’s the one I liked on their site for my keyword, “blog title generators”. They are also a fun tool to use, so if your blogging life is damn boring, that could be another reason to give this tool a try.

blog title generator tools

  1. SEOpresser Title Generator:

SEOpresser is another title generator that helps you in finding the right blog title. SEOpressers gives three results at a time and the free account is limited to up to 5 pages per visit.

Here’s a screenshot for SEOpresser:

blog title generator tools

  1. Tropical Brainstorm:

Tropical brainstorm is another blog title generator that gives up to 150 title ideas. Their title ideas might be a little redundant but they have interesting blog names. You can definitely use this site to find something unique and different.

Here’s a screenshot of what I found while looking for “blog title generator ideas.”

blog title generator tools

  1. RYP Title Generator:

RYP is a unique title generator as it picks up questions from Quora that people are asking on your keywords. I find this idea damn smart because it helps you to create blog titles as people actually use them.

For example, when I type, “Blog Title Generator Tools” in RYP, it actually JustAnswer and Quora questions on my keywords.

blog title generator tools

  1. FatJoe:

FatJoe also provides up to 100 inspiration ideas for your title. FatJoe only shows 10 ideas on their site and on sharing your email address, then send you a list of 100 blog titles for your keywords.

Here’s how FatJoe title generator tool looks like:

Summing it up:

With this crazy useful list of blog title generators, I hope you won’t be stuck with your blog names anymore.

While you’re using any of the tools, make sure you remember that all these tools give general suggestion and inspiration. The final blog title is solely your responsibility and you cannot always just cut/copy from any of the tools above.

Hope it helps. Let me know your valuable thoughts in the comments below! Bidding Adieu!

Harshita Agrawal

I started as a Freelancer with small projects only to learn that I was capable of so much more. I underestimated myself for long till my clients enjoyed my work as much as I did. Now, I want to share some of the proven tips & tricks of the online marketing world that helped me grow. I hope they help you too.

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